What Happens After the Click? I Tested 3 Smart Link Systems and One Came Out a Winner

By Ian Fernando

With every traffic, you have to try to monetize every click possible. That is why there are tricks to monetize back buttons, on click pops, timed redirection, etc. Make that single click worth it.

I personally just try to monetize the traffic I am buying with smart links. The reason is that if they are not interested in an offer hopefully a smart link will do the trick.

What is a Smart Link?

A smart link is a link that optimizes the incoming click by either looking at multiple factors. SmartLinks do not offer rotators, they actually optimize on several critiques such as device, time of day, etc. It is a self-optimizing platform that tries to give you the most conversions possible.

How does a Smart Link Work?

The logic is simple, it finds the perfect offer base on the end users data points such as wifi vs mobile data, desktop vs mobile, FireFox vs chrome, country vs stateside, screen sizes, time of day, etc.

With all the information that comes it then decides which is the best offer, that person might convert on. A combination of any of those will determine what to show to the end user. It will try to assume they might like this offer from others.

So for example traffic comes in from wifi, android, chrome browser in Mumbai, India - it might show something in their local language and then look at the device and determine maybe they want a Bollywood offer.

You do not want to send Bollywood to someone in Amsterdam even if they may be interested because the likely hood of it converting might be low.

So I want to show a 3-day weekend worth of clicks that I have rotated and shown you the difference in revenue. I tested the popular Monetizer which I have been using for a while, against Adjo and ClickDealer.

There are several smart link systems out there but I think these are the most popular.

Adjo vs ClickDealer vs Monetizer

You can see in revenue that Monetizer is the clear winner. You will see more clicks because I rotated among them and then decided that monetizer was the better one to use. Even at 25%, Monetizer will still win.

AdJo, has the lowest payout out of the 3 while ClickDealer did ok but probably does not have the right offers for the audience I had. Monetizer though had the higher payouts and at least something for a majority of the clicks. At again 25% it would equal to about 67 conversions.

This is just extra revenue since I want to try to monetize each click. Is it profitable, I guess it all depends. I want to say it covers some part of my click expense.

There are other people in the STM Community that just run smart link offers and nothing else and are profitable, read the case study here.

Having a smart link system in place I think is crucial because what happens after the click if they do not click on your offer? It becomes a wasted click. Why not try to monetize it if you can.

I know others that try to monetize the click internally by creating their own native ads popup for other offers, creating banner ads, sending them to a second chance offer, etc. There are just so many ways to try to monetize the click.

You can treat this as an Adsense system to take advantage of the impression or instead of using Adsense create banner spots to affiliate offers or sell banner space.

Monetizer just makes it easier and has a broad range of offers for your clicks. Again there are just some affiliates that only run smart link offers and are profitable.

At the end of the day why not try to make each and every click count.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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