Getting Perspective of my Businesses: a Mind and Journey Reset

By Ian Fernando

Currently, I am in Medellin, Colombia. I am here because I miss traveling and being stagnant has kept my brain stagnant. I believe in traveling and seeing perspective because it helps with life views. Now while I am out here in Medellin, I am reconsolidating my business as there are too many things I am currently doing.

What I love about the internet is you can do and try new things without ever leaving your apartment. It is fairly easy to do once you understand the basics. The thing about trying everything is you don't become amazing at it. Instead of doing it 100%, you tend to do it 10% among 10 different projects.

Here is a video of me on Facebook Live, explaining the move and my mind.

So during the pandemic, I started exploring Print on Demand as my traffic started to dip. Yes, affiliate commissions is a rollercoaster. It was easy, you just create an image, buy some ads, and sell some T-shirts with your design. Easy. It actually was.

Over time I got bored of it, the process was in place it was fairly automated. I did not have to touch my Etsy store. It was making money. Now since everyone was home, everyone started buying t-shirts.

The supply chain started to break, but I held through and it still made money. The cost started to increase and it wasn't fun anymore. I def can expand into something more legit, but I figured how to be successful on Print on Demand and got bored. If I was able to just hand it off to someone then I would be open to it and just take a small cut.

Amazon FBA, one of my favorite ways to get into eCommerce. I even created a post on how to get started with Amazon FBA here. This is fully automated and I don't really touch anything. The problem is the fees, they are getting higher. What used to be a good 25%-33% ROI is now under 20%.

The fact you also have to constantly feed Amazon is another issue because if you do not feed Amazon your score dips and your Buy score also dips.

So this Colombia trip for me is important because it is opening my mind up and trying to map my life out the way I think it should be. I want to end up back in Asia as I feel my 'home' is in Asia, specifically Vietnam. I am going towards what I am good at, my blog, my marketing, and creating online products that I feel passionate about.

Making money online is pretty easy, we have access to information and all we have to do is execute and put a system behind it. With this clean slate, I believe I am better off doing what I enjoy the online creation and strategy. I also want to start building a team or partnerships to my ideas.

This is another concept I may explore, for example instead of my handling my Amazon FBA, someone else can do it and I just get a smaller cut. If someone wants to run the Print on Demand, let's collab and see where it goes. I think segmenting and having teams is important but how to utilize them is a concept I gotta understand more in-depth.

I have had huge teams before VAs and physical teams, but they do tasks instead of creative execution. This is the next step in my growth journey I believe. Hopefully, this post didn't bore you!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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