Leveraging Opportunities from Testimonials

By Ian Fernando

I have been receiving a lot of emails and exposure from several testimonials I have put out for other peoples product. My inbox is more cluttered than it usually is. A lot of users are asking for help and even some are asking for testimonials for their products.

But, I do not just accept all products or write testimonials for every product out there. Some of them are trusted names that I trust and speak on a regular basis. The best part I get is I get the exposure and brand from these testimonials I put out for these products. I get to create an instant relationship with the creator and even other users who see my name, users who Google me, email me, etc.

So lets see how to leverage some f this traffic and use it to your benefit.


There are certain things that I benefit from giving out testimonials, for example I get to review the product before I give out a testimonial. I am not one of those testimonials where the creator will send me a 'false' statement and I approve it or not. That really isn't a testimonial, it's just leveraging my brand. So I always ask for a review or even get a big discount just to test out their product.

This gives me access to a lot of tools that help me in marketing, but the fact the creator trust my brand enough that I can create an influence to their buyers is very cool. I wouldn't think that I can influence someone enough to buy a product.

Another aspect that is cool is leveraging the traffic that is pointed directly to your name or brand. For example, as I stated, I been getting an influx of new emails asking for help. This creates a traffic source which I can take advantage of. Users asking for help, I create a relationship, and I can keep them long term on a list or other methods.

If I help a user, I can ask for a testimonial in exchange about my help. Which I have recently done as well, check out my about page. I have a testimonials area now, which I will be growing. Here and there, there are small testimonials that I have on my facebook page, twitter, email, that I will soon be posting on my about page to help grow my brand. In either case, creating that relationship is important with these new users because they will remember who you are and will participate in what you have to do.

There are users out there that do not want to give out a testimonial because it may ruin their brand especially if the product doesn't do well. Then again it is the reason why you should test out the product prior to giving out a testimonial. If it is crap tell the creator, don't hold back. You are giving them advice!

So there are benefits in giving out testimonials. Increase brand and get things for free, plus the traffic from search engine results because users want to know who you are. How credible are you, that you are giving a testimonial to influence buyers. Believe me people will research you!

Just take the new traffic from emails and search as an opportunity. These opportunity comes instantly, especially after launch. So take advantage of them.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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