Monetize Your Build a Niche Store

By Ian Fernando

Build a Niche Store is becoming more popular over the internet and I have seen several so far on the net. Guess what they all look a like and I just go away since I know what it is. Templates for the BANS network are very shallow and there really is no template out there dedicated for BANS. Users change color and add different logos, but the layout is still the same. Also, it is all eBay feed nothing else.

I think users get the Build a Niche Store and just let it be, hoping to get a sale or commission. But there are other ways to earn from your BANS website. I notice a lot have been adding Adsense and I know there are specific issues with Adsense lately, a lot of updates on their end - which I will not discuss in this post. But Adsense is just one way of monetizing a BANS store.

Build a Niche Store is just an eBay feed slapped on to a webpage. It redirects the user to ebay - so can we say your build a niche store is a landing page? I think we can. At the same time why just leave it to just ebay? or leave it just to eBay and Adsense? We can add so many other monetizing widgets to help increase your profits.

With I have 6 other ways I am earning money. I use Pay Per Click other than Adsense such as TTZ Media, Chitika, and WidgetBucks. I also use Amazon Widgets, Banners, and NeverBlueAds Campaigns. So you can really say my Build a Niche Store is a landing page for affilaites!

As you can see to the left I am monetizing my BANS to its fullest. I think of my Build a Niche Store as a landing page because I am redirecting users to another site where they do their final purchase. So why not create the 'landing page' into a page with all affiliates BUT blend in all the other forms of advertising on the website?

My BANS layout is very unique because it resembles a scroll like blog, where the users have to scroll down to view more items. So looking at this web layout there are several factors what the users see first. Upon entering the website they are greeted by my logo in the upper left hand corner then by the 728 banner provided by NeverBlueAds. From there it page seemed like it splits and the user is shown 'Today's Top Electronics Deals' then the eBay feed.

A lot of users read from left to right so the most important factors should be on the left (my own case study). At the very bottom after they scroll they are then exposed to an amazon widget text cloud, which shows popular electronic items from Amazon.

Already, I am giving 4 opportunities to my readers to purchase something or direct them elsewhere. If they do not find anything they like they can search, pick a category or there are other options in the forms of banners and TTZ Media links. There are multiple ways a user can find the item they are looking for and if they do, I am getting paid either by PPC or an affiliate commission.

There are so many other ways to utilize your web layout and monetizing your store. If you are getting good traffic to your BANS, try to increase revenue by adding a couple lines of code to help increase commissions. What you do not want is to just clutter your layout. Strategically place banners and widgets in proper areas of your layout. Your layout is crucial to all your readers, so split test and split test again! Once you know where certain areas are more targeted, use it to your advantage.

For BadCircuit, I just hired a web designer to re-design my layout, creating my Build a Niche Store even more unique and a better user experience. I already know what I want and where I will be placing specific ads and widgets. Take the layout to the left as a good example of strategic placement <- my opinion.

There is a Chitika widget prior to the eBay feeds and there is an Amazon text cloud after - create interaction with your users. There are multiple ways to monetize such a site instead of just using the eBay feed as a source of earnings, expand your horizon and earnings! Think about if you were a user and you arrived at someone's store; what would you look for, how are you looking at the webpage, where are you looking at, etc.

Just think what you can add to your Build a Niche Store to help it grow. How can you blend other forms of advertising within your store? Soon will have a new layout and new design, giving my buyers a better experience - first impressions are important!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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