Start Managing Time and Start Focusing

By Ian Fernando

It has been a while since a post. I was thinking to myself damn I got a lot of ish that I do. Besides affiliate marketing I do other things to expand my income. I do digital product creations/services and blogging and among others. So I have been pretty busy this past week and I have been slacking lately on this blog as well.

I have a good couple videos too that I want to put up as well. But in any case I have been multi tasking, working with networks and advertisers can be a pain. The reason is they want your traffic. I finally got the chance to work with a new advertiser to test out an offer and to see if it will work. I also started doing more Facebook advertising. The reason is because I want to test a traffic demographic both search and social traffic.

But also I had to deal and work with my programmers on the new Twit Sniper platform!


So with traffic testing, dealing with outsources, talking to partners, and all the other things. How do I focus and get things done? Well recently I started to download some apps to help me focus. I give myself goals. I also give myself a time frame to finish it so it forces me to get it done.

For example, I recently got a designer to do some work and I needed some things done over the weekend. So I wrote myself a note saying "get designer to do ... , get done by ..."  So this tells me and forces me to do it and get it done to get it completed.

I use a check system or to do list called Doomi. It is a killer app. Honestly there is a bunch of Adobe Air Apps out there that are worth downloading and testing. The reason why I use this is because it gives me the ability to write something down and check it off once it is completed.

It feels good to check something off and watch your to do list shrink.

I guess it is a psychological thing, but I tend to do a lot of work with it. I write my goals the day before for the next, this way I turn the PC on it auto loads and I see what I have to do. Then I get focus.

Another cool app I use is the EverNote for PC and iPhone. I use this because it syncs from my PCs to my iPhone which I like. But only certain things are added to Evernote. The reason for this is somethings maybe a little longer than what needs to get done now.

Instead of doing multiple things and getting distracted I tend to focus on my goals, so I can check it off and get it off my list. Another thing is writing on my white board and erasing it. It just feels good to complete it.

I want to know what you guys use to help manage your time and set your goals. The New Year is rapidly approaching and it will be time to get things up and going. I know I need to focus more and more and stop getting ideas without time to do them.

So what apps and systems do you use to get your day going and keeps you focus?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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