3 Ways PropellerAds is Dominating the Advertising Space with it's Ad Network

By Ian Fernando

Online advertising is an excellent way to get people to notice your product or service. While online advertising can be broken down into numerous aspects, in this particular post, I will be focusing on the ad network PropellerAds

But before we get to the tid and bits of everything, let us first talk about what PropellerAds is.

What Is PropellerAds?

PropellerAds is one of the pioneering companies of the industry. It gets over 7 billion ad impressions on a daily basis. It can provide you traffic from approximately 195 countries. The platform is equipped with Powerful auto-optimization & A/B testing tools, CPM, CPC and smart bidding models, and has retargeting capabilities. PropellerAds also come with a 24/7 live chat support ready to aid you in every issue that you encounter. 

Now, let us look at three ways in which PropellerAds has reached its success as it did. I will break it down into traffic ad types, backend automation, and success stories.

Push Notifications vs OnClick Ads vs Interstitial Ads

PropellerAds is well known for their ad inventory. They have a lot of it and it is broken up into Premium which is their own inventory base off their own websites and then they have brokers, where they buy the unused inventory from other networks. So let us talk about Push notifications first, as I do like Push Ads if I do say myself.

  • The network’s push database includes more than 500 million subscribers from all over the world. I talk about Push Advertising a lot on this blog as well, even have some case studies on specific networks. These ad formats are definitely better than the traditional In-Page Push Ads. I have tested them and I feel PropellerAds’s pure push ads inventory is better. Also, traditional push ads need to be accepted by the end-user. They can always also opt-out of the push alerts. PropellerAds is always growing their database with webmaster monetizing their websites with PropellerAds Push system.
  • In-Page Push Ads works a bit differently. It is sort of an alert where users will be shown a dialogue box. It’s bound to give you a high clickthrough rate and high CPM due to its ability to catch people’s attention. A major advantage of IPP is that it allows you to target iOS and Mac devices.

OnClick Ads is just a java script that means if someone clicks on this link, do this. In Propellersad inventory, it can act like a PopUnder and or OnPage Interstitial. PopUnder meaning when a user clicks on a link, they are sent to their destination with a new POP UP but the original page is redirected to the offer or "advertised" page.

This would be considered an impression but a lot of affiliates consider it a click which is wrong in my opinion. You must treat the onclick ad like an impression. The craziest part I have seen is that you might even see conversions months later because users do not reset or clear their browser tabs.

The other format is the Interstitial Ads, so prior to a new page loading, a mini window appears showing the user ads. It is a skippable format but allows the user to decide if they want to continue the article or if there is something they are interested in from the mini window pop.

These I feel like native style ads as you do set up a creative and a headline title for your ad. This is definitely more traditional. As an advertiser, this means you will need to capture the end-users attention with your ad creative rather than the impressions like Push and Pop.

All 3 formats are a great way to advertise. I have mainly used Push and Pop on Propeller’s network. I have tested interstitial but it was a low budget that I didn’t move forward with. I do know they have a growing inventory for Push. We discuss their traffic from time to time in the Advengers Community.

Smart Bidding, Auto Optimization, and Retargeting

This is one area where PropellerAds is able to outsmart other ad networks. They have a system that helps advertisers gain momentum through their ad inventory. With a HUGE reach, someone that landed on your website is bound to be on the internet crawling through one of their ad inventory.

When they do, they remind the end-user about your website or product. Which then will turn into an action.

This is retargeting, finding that one user who maybe forgot to make the final purchase then show them your ad about completing their order. We all get distracted and retargeting helps remind consumers about what they were about to finish in some cases their checkout process.

The other part is their backend can be automated via a smart bidding system, for example CPA goal, where the advertiser sets rules and goals to be met and PropellerAds will try to make sure to hit those goals. PropellerAds isn’t an ad network that just has ad inventory they want to make sure they have the best inventory for you and your audience.

Learn from Others, PropellerAds Buys Case Studies

Sometimes testing a new traffic source can be questionable. Yes, you should do your research because there are a lot of people on Fiverr that sell bot traffic. I see people buy on there all the time and I am surprised to see they are happy with what they bought.

So yes, do your research. Since I have advertised with PropellerAds and have also met them at events. I can say they are legit. They are always growing and want to have a huge reach for their advertisers. With that said, they provide case studies that they buy from their clients.

Yes, if you have a successful campaign, they want to buy it from you as long as you write your strategy for users to learn from. Now, this can be questionable because I know a lot of affiliates hate sharing. I personally do not mind sharing. That’s why I have a community where we do share information on ad buying and media buying.

But PropellerAds will pay you for your success with them and they do have several well-written case studies on there. If you are skeptical about PropellerAds go through their blog posts about what others are advertising and see if it will fit your niche and needs.

Wrapping Up about PropellerAds

PropellerAds is definitely one of the biggest traffic sources around. Not only is the traffic authentic but it is also a functioning platform that provides you with lots of useful features for bloggers and advertisers alike. 

Upon mastering the platform, you’ll realize that PropellerAds is a tool that lets you convert faster than most platforms. Again, they are always growing their ad inventory making sure there is enough inventory to fill your needs.

Think about it like this, remember Google Adsense, the reason why Adsense is so successful is that it is on almost every website out there. PropellerAds is trying to be on every website as well as providing several new ad formats to purchase from.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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