Looking for ad accounts? Service provider Scrooge Frog will solve your problem!

By Ian Fernando

No one will understand you better than another media buyer! It was the guys from Scrooge Frog who started their way from media buying and then created their own service provider, where they collected the most necessary services for you. Based on your pains and needs, they came up with a good product, let's take a look at it!

About the service provider Scrooge Frog

Scrooge Frog is a service provider since 2007 specializing in advertising traffic.

They help to attract customers through native advertising and social media advertising;

International and local traffic sources, turnkey work from pre-moderation to traffic tracking with optimization for results;

They are practitioners and use modern data sources and regularly expand the database of new sources.

In the partner world, they speak in numbers, and this service provider in marketing has been working with more than 50 different geos around the world for more than 15 years - North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. What's more, they have an ad budget of over 2 million euros and they've worked with over 100 native platforms, from Taboola to local native networks, you're sure to find any geo!

Therefore, they have experience in advertising in social networks, for example:

  • Facebook;
  • TikTok;
  • Kwai;
  • Likee;
  • Pinterest;
  • Snapchat;
  • Telegram;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter. 

They work with client accounts and fully control them. In-app traffic they work with consists of a huge number of messengers and mobile browsers. 

When working with such a team of professionals the client receives accounting and support at all stages, due to experience they will find and help with different types of traffic and optimize it, they have many different services that you will get acquainted with in this article!

Agency AD accounts. Facebook & TikTok, etc

The most important problems in ad accounts are bans and fast approvals, and the service provider Scrooge Frog helps with this! 

Service provider Scrooge Frog offers ad accounts from the most popular social networks - Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Bigo (Likee, Imo) and over 100 other native and social networks from around the world. The main advantage is that they keep records and support at all stages and their accounts have fewer problems with bans and have direct support from each network during moderation. They know how to work with account blocking and what to do to avoid it.

As a bonus, they have a branded checklist with detailed rules for working with accounts!

The agency account differs from the self-service ad accounts in the following advantages:

  • A high percentage of approval. Ad networks trust agencies more than self-service accounts. Campaigns are moderated faster and are more likely to be approved;
  • Help with moderation;
  • No need to spend resources on farming;
  • Advanced Support;
  • First access to new network features;
  • Landing pages pre-moderation;
  • Financial security. If the account is blocked, you can request a refund and transfer them to another account.

In-app. MI & Petal, etc 

So, you have finally created your mobile app and are ready to present it to the world? Congratulations. But if you don’t advertise your app to your target audience, it will get lost in a sea of other apps.

We often hear the phrase ‘everyone should mind their own business’, because it’s true that an app developer should remain a developer and not waste his time on promotion and advertising. For this case, there is a service provider Scrooge Frog because they are rapidly developing in this niche!

The guys from Scrooge Frog also have in-app advertising support. In most cases it is used in such applications Kwai, Bigo (Likee, Imo), Petal Ads, MediaGo, SAN 2.0 (SHAREit), Mobupps, Adzhubmedia, App Samurai, Bidmatrix, Xapads (MI, Xerces), AdCountry, Backgardon, AppricotAds, 

And here are the main advantages of working with them for in-app traffic:

  • Ability to pay for advertising per install (CPI);
  • The ability to launch border offers without strict moderation;
  • Tracking opportunities through independent tracking systems;
  • Various ways of topping up;
  • Personal manager.

In the latest trends, in-app advertising is generating more and more revenue, and they provide access to international and private sources.

Local & worldwide native networks

The Scrooge Frog’s team has been advertising goods and services using native advertising for 15 years, and who better than them will provide high-quality traffic? In addition, not only worldwide, but also local traffic from, for example, Japan, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, Kenya.

What the service provider offers to the client:

  • Make predictions based on statistics (they have unique experience and knowledge of networking mechanisms that make them competitive);
  • They are an authorized partner of many local networks;
  • Work with all currencies of the world, for the convenience of replenishment;
  • Understanding the features of each network;
  • Direct contact with moderation;
  • They make individual offers for a client.

And most importantly, few people know how to replenish in local currencies and communicate in local support!


Service provider Scrooge Frog, due to their experience and knowledge of the “pains” and “goals” of the affiliate world, can afford high-quality fresh traffic, without fraud and bots. Also, the agency accounts service is at “the peak of popularity”, here you will find accounts from the most popular ad networks with full support! 

Moreover, the owner of Scrooge Frog is Konstantin Novofastovsky - an honorary speaker at world conferences of affiliate marketing. 

An impressive number of services in one place - conveniently and quickly from professionals with Scrooge Frog, fast and efficient access

Try and you will succeed! Contact them

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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