Affiliate Offer Comparison with oDigger Plugin

By Ian Fernando

In the world of affiliate marketing finding offers or niches can be a pain sometimes. With new networks always popping up and stating the have the exclusive, put their words to the test and see who else has it and can give you a better and bigger payout. Odigger is a recent site I have found and it isn't just a offer search engine, it also gives you some details about the affiliate network.

oDigger is an affiliate offer search engine that enables you to find new offers, networks and opportunities. They currently crawl 44,000 offers from over 180 networks. One simple search will show you the offers, landing pages and payouts in the market you want to work in.

This way you can find hot new offers before anyone else does. Want to find an offer in a specific vertical, just search it and oDigger will pull relevant offers on your screen. It puts out a comparison of offers and even similar offers form other networks, making sure you are getting paid the highest offer. This also helps you connect with new networks in specific verticals or niches.

One part that I enjoy is oDigger list how many offers a specific network has. Smaller networks have limited offers but they maybe more niche specific, specializing in just several verticals. While other bigger networks may have more for a wide range of niches.

Another really great part about this site is you can subscribe to a specific category search or your own search term. For example, if I am the type of affiliate that just promotes insurance lead gens then I can specifically tell odigger to search insurance offers and I can be up to date on new offers via RSS. oDigger already has popular set categories, but I personally like doing my own search term and then subscribing to my search feed.

Clicking on a specific network will also bring up their offer list. It almost feels like you are logged into their network, searching their offers and what they currently have. Again you can also subscribe to that specific networks offer list, so you can always be on top of that network and see if they have any unique offers you would like to promote.

Now what I really want to talk about, which I recently implemented on my blog is my personal own offer search tool. Remember when Tracking202 had a script that aggregated offers and then giving any website owner the ability to implement it on their site? oDigger has a WordPress plugin that does just that.

The plugin was really easy to install and simple to implement. I just download the plugin from WordPress and uploaded it to my plugins folder, activate, done. It automatically grabs an API for you and then you dedicate a WordPress page for it, insert a small snippet of WordPress code, publish, offer comparison right on your WordPress site.

It gives you the offer name, the affiliate network its from, the payout, conversion type (lead, sale), and when it was added. Clicking on the offer name will allow you to preview the landing page. If you like the offer, just click on the network and join, simple enough. You can even search right on the blog, it does it's search ajax style - live. This way you can compare payouts right on the blog and then decide if you want to join a network or not.

Being my blog is branded as an affiliate blog, I decided to have this on my blog and give my readers access to what offers are out there. It also helps with readers that want to stay on the blog but also see what affiliate networks has to offer. This oDigger plugin searches their database of currently 44,000+ offers. Knowing that most offers will repeat among other networks, giving you the chance to see who really pays out the highest.

Do a search right now on my blog on your top verticals and see who pays out more.

oDigger is a very unique affiliate offer search engine, giving versatility to the publisher and even webmasters. With 44,000+ offers and 181 networks in heir database, there is an offer you can definitely find and push. Make sure to check out my offer page!

All in all, oDigger helps affiliates make better business decisions and make more money. Since you can preview landing pages and payouts, you can use oDigger to find the newest and hottest offers in your market before your fellow affiliates do. By using oDigger to compare payouts of the same offer across networks, you can always find which network gives the higher payout. For example, if both Axon and GoOffers both offer Ab Circle you can do a quick search on oDigger for Ab Circle and sort by payout to see who offers the best deal (in this case, Axon offers a $20 higher payout than GoOffers).

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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