BeMob Review: Campaign Link Tracking for Affiliate Beginners

By Ian Fernando

BeMob is an affiliate tracker that lets you optimize your campaigns and filter them with over 15 parameters. 

It’s an excellent choice for advertisers and affiliates who like to examine the fields for committing full-time. BeMob lets you use its platform with its free plan (which has a limit of 100,000 events per month).

Most beginners don’t really need 100,000 events per month so this makes it a great platform to start with. 

If you want a better overview of the cost, below is the table for BeMob’s pricing:

3 months data retention6 months data retention9 months data retention12 months data retention
100,000 events each month1,000,000 events per month10,000,000 events per month30,000,000 events per month
$0.16 charge for 1k surpassed in the event limit$0.025 charge for 1k surpassed in the event limit$0.013 charge for 1k surpassed in the event limit

$0.01charge for 1k surpassed in the event limit

Over 15 Filter Parameters

What are filters? It allows you to dissect your ad campaign to the most micro of details. The more information you know about 1 click the better decisions you can make with your affiliate campaign.

BeMob lets you filter your campaigns per the following:

  • Country
  • Cities
  • Landings
  • Offers
  • Mobile carriers
  • States
  • Browsers
  • OS versions
  • OS
  • Traffic sources
  • Device types
  • Affiliate network
  • IP
  • Screen resolution

Apart from the flexibility in terms of filtering your campaigns, these parameter options also lets you gain all the relevant information you need to optimize your campaign. 

Landing Page Testing

People can click off a landing page consciously or subconsciously. The factors for leaving a page are so scattered that one cannot simply identify a landing page as a good or bad one. 

The key is to identify which ones will be good for your advertising and which ones need to be tossed out of the window. This process is called landing page rotation. 

Manually rotating landing pages can both be taxing and time-consuming. One of the best things about BeMob, it is equipped with automatic landing page rotation rules.

With that, you can just pick out about four or five landing pages, and then BeMob will do the landing page rotation for you. This will enable you to filter out the least profitable ones until you find the perfect one that will best work for you. 

Sixth Sense

This is an AI like technology within BeMob that lets you simplify setting targeting of your advertising campaigns. It can analyze data up to over 2,000 different combinations of campaign parameters. With that, you are able to improve your ROI in a much swifter and convenient pace. 

If you want to enjoy this additional service, you just need to upgrade your plan to an additional $25 per month. But this rate is nothing compared to the additional revenue that you will get on your campaigns upon using this tool. 

Once you do, there is no need to set it up. Sixth Sense analyzes your campaign automatically every single day. 

Custom Domain Parking

BeMob lets you use two types of custom domains: the Bemobs tracking domain or a custom tracking domain or your choice, meaning you can add your own domain or use theirs.

If you want to hide your audiences’ referrer data from the affiliate network, you will be able to do so perfectly through the cloaking domain. 

Custom tracking domains are useful because it keeps you from getting flagged by traffic networks which usually happens when you use a domain that a lot of people are also using. Using a custom tracking domain lets you break free from potential negative records. 

Here is a quick campaign setup in Bemob by Luke from AffLift.

Quick Features to Point Out

  • Real-Time Tracking

This affiliate tracker is cloud-based. With that, the data changes and is updated in just seconds which saves you a lot of time in terms of analytical tasks. Generate a link and start getting clicks to it.

  • Friendly Interface

BeMob is also deemed as one of the easiest and simplest affiliate trackers to use. With that, we mostly recommend this software to affiliate beginners. 

  • Instant Redirects

Most advertisers lose conversions due to slow loading time. With BeMob, you will be able to load your offers and landing pages instantaneously. The 11 Amazon data centers that BeMob uses around the world, you can rest assured that your links will have high-speed redirecting. 

  • Bot Filters

Bot traffic is presented in every traffic source. Even if the ad source is trusted, there is always a chance to receive bot traffic. BeMob can set up filters base on the conditions of the click.

How to Setup Bot Filter in BeMob

Regardless of whether or not you installed the tracker into your browser, BeMob still protects your data from your competitors. BeMob provides you with known bot filtering and rule-based bot blocking to protect your landers from ad spy tools. 

This will allow you to redirect the bot click and even generate a report to the traffic source to get credit back towards your ad account.

  • Multiuser Access

BeMob lets you create access accounts for the rest of your affiliate marketing team. 

  • Email Notifications

BeMob automatically alerts their clients through email each time changes are made to your campaign database to make sure that you don’t suffer any losses. 

BeMob Pros And Cons

BeMob lacks advanced and more technical features that will give affiliate marketers a boost in flexibility. But overall, it is a pretty decent affiliate tracker for beginners. It provides you with most of the basic features the regular marketer needs for traffic ad management. 

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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