Building a Retargeting Profile with PropellarAds: Audiences 2.0

By Ian Fernando

The other day I wrote about how to set up a push campaign on PropellarAds. Creating a campaign is just one part of it and then optimizing it by conversions is the next, but what if you can create an audience and optimize the base of ad actions? Similar to how retargeting works, you gather a pool of actionable users and readvertised back to them.

What is Retargeting 101:

97% of people who click on your ad for the first time leave without taking any action, and then they’re lost forever. Unless you can bring them back.

This is where PropellerAds Audience 2.0 comes in. If your clicks or any actionable item happened on your page or ad, you can send them another ad creative. This will allow them to or remind them to take action

Introducing Audiences 2.0: New Retargeting Toolbox. What is this? Audiences 2.0 – a set of tools aimed at helping you create custom audiences and enjoy the most precise targeting you can find at Propeller.

Audience 2.0 basically aims to reach and engage audiences on a personalized level. You get to pick the action of a more specific audience that is well fitted to your campaign needs or demands. 

Building an audience isn't that different from what you currently know now. Retargeting is basically building an audience that has taken action whether that be a landing page visit, a click, a download, an optin, etc. PropellerAds Audiences 2.0 works in the same way and I will break them down below.

Quick preview of what is available.

The first is the most basic, Click-based targeting.

This is where users click on the creative, whether this is a push campaign or an interstitial campaign. The end-user finds your ad interesting and decides to click on your ad. No conversions? Find that user again and send them a new creative with a new landing page and to intrigue them into taking an action. That action can be lead gen or a download. It all depends on your campaign.

Engaged visitors is the next option you can use to help retarget users.

This works well with OnClick or Popunder campaigns and will target users who have engaged more than 2 seconds on your lander. This uses PropellerAds Viewability Pixel to determine the engagement with your campaign. If users just bounce off then you can assure yourself those users are not the ones you are looking for.

If they did peak at your campaign, then there might be some interest to show, but the landing page didn't entice them to move forward. Recreating and retargeting these users will allow you a second chance to get them to convert.

Conversion are what matter in this industry.

Creating a pool of users base on conversions is really the goal here, in my opinion. You want ot focus on conversions, then gather data on conversions. Re-populates your audience and sends them a new offer. In the past, I considered this re-marketing because you are marketing to these users again with a different offer.

Since they have already converted on your first offer there is a higher chance of them converting again on a new offer.

Retargeting Pixel, the old method is always the new method. All things mentioned above are ways of creating a specified pool of users based on an action. In essence, they are going to be retargeted. PropellerAds is taking it a bit further to showcase other ways to retarget users base on where the click came from. 

In the past, there was never a good way to retarget users from traffic platforms similar to PropellerAds. I personally have used push traffic to create retargeting campaigns with Facebook, Native, and Google. It allowed me to arbitrage clicks to create a lower CPC on the higher tier platforms.

Now, can expand my retargeting with PropellerAds database of users and continue to monetize a cheaper audience than of Facebook or Google.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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