Expanding on Geos to Gather Low Pay Per Clicks

By Ian Fernando

The fact is US market is too much competitive. Affiliate Marketing is getting more and more popular among the people of different professions, gender and age. The market of AM in the US/CA/UK/AU/NZ has been formed for 10 last years. These years have changed a lot: Search Engines algorithms improved and got more intelligent, new sources of traffic were invented, Social Networks grew and developed, Traffic Networks and Platforms became more functional and accessible. The advertisers in CPA got experienced and the users of internet got naughty and indifferent about ads.

Managing Traffic today is not what it has been at 2007. You could lard a website with tons of keywords and then receive a lot of SEO traffic. You could place jpg banners to a website and they worked. You could send any traffic to the offers (cause any was allowed), and total amount of affiliates was 10 times less than today.

Nowadays traffic platforms (such as AdWords, Facebook, BingAds and other traffic networks) give every person the chance to start in the Affiliate Marketing. So you don’t need having your own spots, just purchase ads at the platform to have started.

So, what do we have here? Today’s Market is tight. Only strong and mature affiliates make money while others fail. Despite there are a lot of useful contents about the AM, it’s definitely difficult to get your first positive experience.

The next question is: What do we have to do then? è Well, you are to be brave and flexible to succeed in our business. When it’s too tight here, then it’s time to explore strange new markets, to seek out new auditory and new networks, to boldly go where no affiliate gone before!

This is totally not a secret: there are dozens of geos, where Affiliate Marketing isn’t as popular as in the US/CA. 2-tier countries or developing countries – that is how they are named. Seriously, there are places where Internet is still in 2007, and one may be back in there. There are countries with low competitive SERP (search engine results page), and new websites give traffic almost as soon as they are indexed. Average level of media education is lower than in developed countries, so people are not overfed with ads and they are not indifferent and naughty towards it. And these are the very markets where no affiliate gone before.

            But to succeed at such local markets, one should have some special stuff in his marketer’s inventory.


How to explore the map?

Local markets are low competitive either because they are not a subject of interest for a big fish. Popular global brands  (those ones having CPA-offers) are not interesting in leads from such geos. Why? E-mail Submits, CPS and Free Trials (using CC) are not at all effective. Mainly because the cost of a product is too high for locals. By the way some of them would be glad to make a lead with a credit card, but few of them have VISA or MasterCard (local payment systems operate there).

That’s what I was speaking about. You are to be flexible to succeed. You should promote a product at a low price. Your offer must be attractive for locals and understandable for them. For some goods the only model of selling is Cash-on-Delivery (or Collect-on-Delivery). People know how this works: you give me money, I give you a good. It’s in their brains and people trust this frame. Locals are never scared for being scammed as they see the parcel with their eyes before it’s paid.

To have succeeded at local market, one should be well-assured about how to promote the product. I mean localization is one of the most important things that affect the conversion of traffic into paid leads. To gain the trust of locals you are to talk like them, think like they do and promote the product as if you’re one of them. Every landing-page, prelander and other piece of ads must be localized; otherwise you’ll never meet success.


How can I get the tools for local markets?

All the stuff and instruments to start advertising at the undiscovered markets of 2-tier countries can be found in AdCombo CPA Affiliate Network. It specializes in exploring new geos and developing CPA-marketing in 2-tier countries.

Network provides its affiliates with exclusive CPS offers for impulse purchasing. Most of the offers cannot be found anywhere in the Internet. The Brands of the products are not well-known. They are fresh, so the locals did not get rid of them.

The main advantage is that the offers are completely localized. Landing-pages, prelanders and all the content are created in local languages with accordance to local cultures and customs. This allows to keep real conversion rates and real EPC at high volumes.

Offers are promoted on the model Cash-on-Delivery (Collect-on-Delivery). Thus, locals are easy to pay for products purchased. And it inflicts conversion rates as well.

When you sum up all the advantages, you’ll see that AdCombo worth at least a try. Seriously, just look at the list of top offers with payouts and EPC:

Seriously. Even a newbie without great experience in Affiliate Marketing can be easily approved there. You will not be asked for screenshots of affiliate work, neither  will anybody ask for confirmation of your payouts in other networks. And that is a good thing for a newbie.

Just some words about payments. Publishers are paid twice a week with a hold period in 5 days. That is a good options for those who deal with paid traffic.


Any mature affiliate with positive experience in the Affiliate Marketing in US/CA will be able to apply his skills at the local markets, where the level of competition is low.

Don’t waste your time in a crowd. You are not losing anything by giving AdCombo a chance. So let us start this new expedition where no affiliate gone before.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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