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LinkedIn Carousel Posts: Increase Visibility Up to 10x by Uploading a Simple PDF

I was talking to my buddy in Vietnam and discussing the pandemic situation until he started to mention about his […]

I Started a Slack Community - 60 Days into a New Business Idea

Sorry, I haven't been blogging lately, I have been working on my new idea and venture, ADvengers Online. It is […]

Start Using This High-Quality Site to Grow Your List by Simply Answering Questions

So I guess I will post this as my buddy Manu exposes one of the traffic sources that I use […]

Trying to Control the Urge of Using Social Media on Every Device I Own

Dear Facebook, It has been about a month since I have recently decided to remove my the most time consuming […]

ManyChat vs ChatFuel, Battle Of the Messenger Bots

Recently, I have started using chatbots from Intercom to FB Messenger. There are 2 FB messenger bots that I have […]

7 Boss Entrepreneurs to Follow on SnapChat in 2016

Damn... sorry lack of posts... More recently the growth of SnapChat has exploded and it is crazy how everyone is […]

Top 5 Steps To Grow Your Instagram Account Immediately

Creating an Instagram is easy, but gaining followers and growing your account can be more difficult than you would expect. […]

Harlem Shake'n, in Our Affiliate Industry...?

This Harlem Shake has been taking over the internet and it seems everyone is trying to take advantage of the […]

Facebook Fan Page Timeline, it Sucks for Affiliates

Just some ramblings for today... If you do not know yet, Facebook is going through a lot of changes. I […]

Pinterests, a Concept Facebook Users Already Do

All the buzz about Pinterests these couple days. Their fan page grows every second and the site topples Alexa! Everyone […]

Social Media Has No Place in Advertising. Honestly.

I was going through my Flipboard app on my iPad and found an article from my twitter feed about Google+ […]

Google+ Ripples, the Best Way to Find Social Influencers

While I was at adtech NY 2012, one of the keynote presentations I went to discussed about Google+. An interesting […]

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