How to Promote McAfee Anti-Virus Offer from Dynu In Media Network

By Ian Fernando

Running software installation is pretty straightforward, you want the end-user to install a piece of software. In this case, we want to push antivirus software. I have run anti-virus for a while now, specifically on push. Most affiliate networks now do not support Mcaffee on push networks because of the way it has been promoted.

But there is always a way...

Today, I am going to start some spying and show you how to get approved on networks to start running traffic. First, let us get an offer from Dynu In Media Network. This network was established in 2019 in Vietnam, hosting a lot of exclusive direct offers globally.

Side note...I miss Vietnam.

Who is Dynu In Media Network

Dynu In Media is based out of Vietnam and is a fast-growing affiliate network. Here are some quick bullets about the network:

  • The network is established by their own personal experience of 5 years in the affiliate marketing space
  • Pioneering the international market with affiliate offers and support
  • Distributes CPA, CPC, and CPL campaigns globally.
  • Identifying the most appropriate campaigns for each ad type, delivering effectively to each appropriate publisher.
  • High payout offers, Dynu In Media believe they can provide many highly competitive offers in the market as well as prompt payment, making Dynu In Media the priority choice for publishers.

Dynu In Media wants to build a brand that delivers real value to its users, gaining confidence and appreciation in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

Always trying to find the best direct offers for their affiliates, they make sure they provide high converting offers. If it doesn't convert, they do not make money. It is in their best interest to help you find the best converting offers internationally.

This is why Dynu In Media wants to be the next go-to affiliate network for your traffic. If you have any questions about the campaign, they will provide you the information needed.

Let's get back to see how to run a Mcafee anti-virus affiliate offer.

Dynu In Media Network uses HasOffers backend network tracking, or TUNE as they are called now. It is a very simple yet easy-to-navigate interface to understand what offers are converting and where. Nothing too complicated about it as Dynu In Media understands affiliates just want offers, stats, and conversions.

Here is a quick snapshot of the main dashboard:

We will log into Dynu In Media network to see if they have the offer, usually, I just message my affiliate manager on Skype or Telegram and just wait for their response. The network has offers ranging from weight loss to surveys to gift cards. So you will always have something to promote for any of your traffic sources.

Logging in their network, they have the Mcafee offer, CPS, and CPA style.

Now that I see they have the offer, I am going to use Anstrex, a spy tool to check how others are promoting it. You can read my Anstrex review here.

The way I USE TO promote this offer will get accounts banned and also the traffic manager will not allow you on the network anymore, specifically push networks.

In order to promote these (antivirus) offers nowadays there can't be a hint of aggressive advertising.

Here’s what NOT to say on your push campaigns:

  • "WARNING: Desktop is Unprotected. Follow Instructions to Fix"
  • "Detected 5 Virus on your PC. Urgent Update is Needed"
  • "McAfee Protection Expired. Click Here to ReActivate"
  • "System Warning, McAfee Protection has Expired"

You have to sell the product similar to traditional marketing, allowing the user to be aware of what they are going to get. So let us see what Anstrex has to show.

You can see the language is very different, there is no context showing the consumer an issue came up. It has become more informative.

Here are some acceptable anti-virus selling angles: 

  • "Protect Yourself. Download McAfee Antivirus Software Today!"
  • "Keep Your PC Safe. McAfee Protect Your Important Files"
  • "Clean Your Desktop. Start Your Free McAfee Trial Today"
  • "McAfee Discount Today, Protect your Files"

The creatives are very simple as well, just utilizing the logo which is very well branded around the world. Anstrex can show you the full breakdown as well.

Let us also take a look at the landing page styles, it is very simple. I use to just direct link this offer because of the style of creativity I was using for push traffic. Since aggressive styles are prohibited on most push networks, a landing page is necessary to increase the conversion.

Here is a quick very simple landing page. The landing page language is also very straight to the point about the Mcafee antivirus, it does not alert them about a specific action but more of its features. Again, you can not use aggressive angles with push advertising, especially on antivirus offers.

You can also get more information from Dynu In Media Network. Most affiliate networks only push this offer as a CPA, Dynu In Media Network has it as a CPS as well and internationally. They will even allow incentive traffic for this offer, which is very rare for MOST affiliate offers.

You can get low-cost bidding from a lot of push networks to international countries, which Mcafee from Dynu In Media can be promoted in, ask for offer ID 3522.

Now that you have the offer and the style of the landing page you will now have to ask your traffic network if they allow software promotion. Openly show them your landing page and how you want to start with your ad creatives. Again, specifically, a lot of push networks will not allow software offers.

If you openly tell the network how you are going to promote it you might be the only person advertising on their network, remember being transparent with both affiliate and traffic networks is important.

It is important to ask your affiliate manager what is working. Make sure you create that relationship because they will increase payouts and even give you data to be successful with your campaigns.

If you are looking for exclusive offers, even the Mcafee antivirus offer, then check out Dynu In Media Network. A lot of affiliates are growing in the country of Vietnam and they want to be the go-to network for your traffic.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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