Jitendra Vaswani Discusses White Hat Affiliate Marketing on Google Ads

By Ian Fernando

Funny part is Jitendra interviewed me before, watch the first initial interview here.

Ian Fernando: Hey guys Ian Fernando here at Ianfernando.com and I have special guests and the craziest part is he actually interviewed me way back in a day at Affiliate summit no not affiliate summit, Affiliate World yeah Bangkok.

Yeah, so he interviewed me for a first time meeting and basically we're talk about marketing and how to actually make money online. So I want you to go ahead and do self and see what everybody is about.

Jitendra Vaswani: Hey guys I'm Jitendra Vaswani so I'm the founder of BloggersIdeas so I'm into make money online and affiliate marketing and I met Ian at Affiliate world this year at Bangkok and I took his interview so from that our friendship start and here I came to know about his journey that he's doing so much good money in affiliate marketing he's doing very well so I used to follow him from along time so we met at the event and we made a very good bond and now I'm in Philippines in Manila.

So I'm having a very good stay and we are meeting regularly for shisha and having fun having dinner, lunch it's pretty good.

Ian Fernando: Yeah I mean its good so basically today's topic can be talking about how I first met you you're a blogger you did SEO yes and now you're at paid media of PPC.

Jitendra Vaswani: Yes I'm shipping my focus to PPC because now SEO is getting very difficult day by day.

Google is making it more complicated I'm not saying that SEO is dead it is there I have few sites but I'm moving my focus because Google takes so much of shuffling in their rankings in the algorithm.

So I cannot depend too much on SEO so I'm shifting my focus to ad words from two months and my ROI is just like 150 percent if I'm investing $40.00 I'm able to make 60, 70, 80 just like that 80, 90 this is good this is good for me as a beginner I'm a newbie in ad words.

Ian Fernando: How long have you been in an online please online space done specifically?

Jitendra Vaswani: The job and with Business I experience total five point five years of experience and from I'm doing this business right now from three point five years yeah that's me.

Ian Fernando: Now how long have you been in traffic side?

Jitendra Vaswani: I think three months two point five or three months Ad Words totally Ad Words because I tried Facebook ads I feel I lost so much money there in Facebook ad.

So AdWords actually is going but for me because it's more like SEO mind I can think about the keyword okay product review plus coupon keyword.

So this kind of strategy I'm playing in my mind because it's more like an SEO you just have to bet on the right keyword and see that it can bring you sales your landing page all these things matters a lot.

Ian Fernando: Okay so if you're saying that SEO and keeps you pretty much related which I agree to a point now do you think that SEO techniques of keyword research helped you develop your PPC ad campaigns yes it's true is true because suppose the keyword is glue scoop and if I'm ranking on the on the third or fourth position and if I do ... for that key word I will be on the first position that's the brain it's more like an SEO thing ad words.

So I can because I'm seeing that for which keywords my blog is ranking on the second page and I'm doing the brand building for that keyword to make this keyword appear on the this PPC thing.

So it's working ready but it's more like SEO brand I'm using this into Adwords.

Jitendra Vaswani: Now when you say brand building what do you mean by brand building.

Ian Fernando: Brand building some brands they do not allow doing you the brand building stuff so you need to take an exclusive permission from that team I am doing your brand buildings suppose the keyword is like GoDaddy hosting coupons okay.

So GoDaddy guys they don't allow you to do the brand building so you need to take an exclusive permission for them okay hey I'm doing your prime building do you allow me to do to the brand building because some brands they hate this brand building.

Ian Fernando: They just don’t like competition.

Jitendra Vaswani: They don’t like competition so some brands they don’t allow so I just take the permission from the "hey I am doing your brand building" and they are pretty much okay.

So I'm doing the brand building on the review plus coupon code keyboard with any niche. So you can try with any niche not brands they do a lot of brand, brand building stuff so you can do it easily and what I used to check if this keyword is going to work. I put that keyword in Google Trends and I see that is there any kind of trend in Google like in past 60 to 90 days.

I see there's any kind of good graph is there. So I can see this keyword is being searched by people.

Ian Fernando: Now are you doing it on a broad level or are you just doing like let's say GoDaddy or who or with GoDaddy reviews or?

Jitendra Vaswani: Yeah I am using these kind of key words.

Ian Fernando: Okay what happens if you have like 25 keywords are you doing it for every keyword?

Jitendra Vaswani: Yes I need to do a lot of research here. So I don't use so many keywords in one AD group I try to divide in one ad group five to six keywords. This is how grow if you have too many keywords in one ad group Google gets confused that for which keywords you need to show you ad.

So you need to be very clever broad and exact match broad modifier so I have to use these keyword according to my need. If I'm seeing that if I'm getting clicks on these keywords then I put more money on that key word.

Ian Fernando: So now are you focus on more like the broad phrase.

Jitendra Vaswani: Yes broad exact match more phrase match very less very, very less.

Ian Fernando: And I'm assuming in growing in negative keywords day to day.

Jitendra Vaswani: Yes I'm adding like free, cheap these kind of keywords have to be negative because I don't want any queues list that clicks if someone is searching for free hosting this is not my client because this is not the target user if I'm promoting any kind of hosting.

Because he's looking for free hosting why he will buy Bluehost or anything if I'm promoting that kind of work. So you need to be alright in that thing yeah.

Ian Fernando: Now everything is some white hat with no clue you only like one or two google counts that’s all you’re doing right?

Jitendra Vaswani: I'm doing provider I am not aware of this black ad stuff as you know people are doing this black ad they’re making a lot of money but I'm not you're doing the locking because my articles is more like a review or coupon code that kind of stuff for that I don't have to do this kind of kind of cloaking or it's perfectly white ad so I'm promoting white ad.

Ian Fernando: That's good that's good next now for each I guess vertical and your offers us a hosting or a binary or stocks or weight loss do you have a specific site for each one and how many articles be have in each one or is it like an actual real site.

Jitendra Vaswani: Of course I have to make an actual real site if I make a fake site is because if you want to buy a weight loss product.

If I push you to the hosting site so will you be able to buy a weight loss product from the hosting site. I think no because you will not be able to have that kind of trust factor right that is having a content related hosting.

So I will be promoting a niche product to a niche website. So I try to make a site and you can copy paste the content because if you are doing PPC so you could copy and paste content I have done it so it is perfectly okay. Just copy paste content from other big sites and try to promote the products.

This week you can make a niche site by promoting a niche product don't mix your niches this will create a problem because people will not be able to trust so try to have a trust factors on your site by having a proper auto bio about the space privacy policy.

This came because AdWords see all this kind of stuff if they don't see it then the account will get band my account got band when I was new because I was not aware of all these terms but then I go deep into this ad word now I am aware that what things will are going to work.

So I have three accounts right now in AdWords which are going very well for me. I can promote different offers and offers get instantly approved very easy.

Ian Fernando: Now does Google nowadays is Google really matter on like each domain or can I just buy a domain tomorrow upload a bunch of articles.

Jitendra Vaswani: Yes it’s very easy because for ad words you don't need any kind of domain Authority or page Authority because we are not doing SEO we are just paying Google to show our ads it doesn't matter for PPC stuff and for a serious for SEO you need this domain Authority to rank your site higher on Google.

And for PPC we just buy a fraction and we can easily our ad running in 100 it's super easy.

Ian Fernando: Yeah now when you go on Google and you try to find a niche now what networks are using and how do you find the offer you want to work with obviously you don't tell us the offer vertical?

But how do you find the first niche or vertical that you want to work with.

Jitendra Vaswani: Suppose I have a site related to the hosting is right so if site is not ranking well in in SEO what I would do okay this keyword is on the second page of Google right now so what I can do I can do the PBC for that keyword the keyword list coupon code keyword and I can try to do the plan building for that keyword and this key word I know that this keyword.

I try to see that are there any kind of Google ads are running for it already if there are some ads are running so means this keyword is profitable it's because people are building on it.

Why they will build because there is some profit right because you're building on any weight loss product that means there is some kind of profit is there.

So I try to see ok this keyword is getting weird and got some CPC here so I go to other according to my niche expertise so my niche is hosting digital marketing software.

So these three niches I am working right now and I will go to the hell right now but I'm trying to analyze the best offers.

I think that they I show you that people are having some kind of adult offers through PPC this kind of people are doing this kind of stuff.

So this is so three niches I'm working software hosting and this kind of niches I’m working right now.

Ian Fernando: What affiliate networks are providing are you going to link share?

Jitendra Vaswani: Shadow sale CJ and then get these are my top three networks I’m using for PPC and because they have a proper tracking system so the chances of getting fraud or revert is very less because they're these brands are already very transferred to when gauge try to sell CJ so I try to promote offers from the from these networks and they already have a lot of offers from hosting.

Whatever the niche you want they have that offers.

Ian Fernando: I worked with networks like a net 30 or net 60 so how do you cope with the prepaying your account or?

Jitendra Vaswani: I have to pay from own credit card you need to be that’s the only option but I know this keyword is going to get me in sales so that's why I am building from their own money I'm reading this thing because I know people are looking for this kind of product.

Because if I'm making a sales to SEO then I'm sure that I'm going to make sense through PPC also just to rank you higher.

Ian Fernando: Awesome at you said that if you're ready rank for a keyword on SEO yeah but what about somebody just starting out right and you don't want to have to choose between SEO or PPC you know they won't have that information like you have so how would they start off PPC?

Jitendra Vaswani: If someone is not having any kind of information.

Ian Fernando: Right you have your information through your site SEO yes you can actually tell that certain keywords are ranking in media in the past okay right so how does somebody else like that let's say I'm a brand new do PPC how do I know which keywords are going to work.

Jitendra Vaswani: So first you see what expertise you have. So I have analyzed myself that I'm good in hosting digital marketing software niche because these keywords are already ranking on SEO.

So I know if I can bid on these keywords software plus keyword then I’m sure that I’m going to make sales so first month I started hosting and WordPress log in stuff. So these keywords already paid me a very good amount that I'm investing five dollars I'm able to make $20.

So you have a net and then I use your skills don't go that okay Eon is doing help but my expertise is not in health offers I'm doing good in hosting digital marketing software and focusing on that needs to focus on that niche which you are don't see.

Ian Fernando: But I'm saying is like if somebody's brand new brand is just walking doesn't know he's good at hosting.

Jitendra Vaswani: I think that you need to read something of basic stuff then I started this AdWords I got some PDF online which I was referring to learn what is broad match what is the exact match, what is phrase match I was learning the basics so a lot of people they do mistake because they don’t learn the basics.

They just go into this for a goal to make money if you don’t learn the basic then you will lose a lot of money on ad words because ad words will get a lot of money from your pocket if you don’t have a basic there. Your basic should be very strong there.

Ian Fernando: No I agree I mean now also a little bit just because I learned AdWords on my own just by trial and error I mean I read basic basics if I'm not putting the basics into action then I'm not understanding.

So I think when you learn any type of topic source you have to learn the basics you have to understand the basic. Yes and see the basics in action react to those basics, yes whatever happens and then move on.

Jitendra Vaswani: And don't push too much money in the beginning suppose you're getting greedy that I should put $40 $50 just riding start with $5.

I started with 5 because I was feeling very risky oh my god I’m SEO I'm starting into the PPC stuff why should I put too much money because I was addicted to the free traffic SEO is a free traffic right I don't have to pay to Google now I have to pay Google to show my AD.

So I started with 5, five dollars and I was keep testing what offers are running. So I find it three offers from birth pairs it's working very well for me I should put more money to these offers that these offers are giving me still they're giving a very good sales.

Ian Fernando: Awesome now I guess last question is somebody wants to like truly just jump in what tools today you see that you've asked by tools is copy and paste right away the beginning just reading it and do trial and error or should they just go in and dive and just go for it?

Jitendra Vaswani: I think trial and error is the best fit I'm not using any kind of paid tools right now I'm just using Google Keyword planner.

They give you all the data they give you all the stuff and my research I try to put the brand keyword plus coupon code over on Google and I see if there are any ads are running on these keywords so this I have this mind and I use Google Trends it's free so check do your keyword is being have some kind of friends on Google trend is very important.

Because so you can see and analyze okay this keywords being search and try to promote the keywords which are being searched in that country. Suppose Bluehost is getting certain US UK so you should try to promote bluehost and US okay instead of promoting in India because India is not having that kind of search volume.

So Google Trends will give you Ad don't make this is because I assume that people are not using Google Trends to see the search pattern. So you need to use Google Trends very free tool it's free tool so you can see that this keyword is getting search and I can play with these given and use those countries and never use one campaign for all countries.

So single campaign single country segmentation is very important I made this mistake when I started this AdWords I was running one campaign in all countries and I made this mistake.

So don't make this mistake because I made a mistake but after my friend told me try to do the segmentation. This will give you better results and you can see which country are giving you more sense so you can focus on that country.

Ian Fernando: Now were can everybody find you.

Jitendra Vaswani: They can find it on social media I’m at GTinterestfinalofficial that’s my Facebook page and they can find me on Twitter tweeting the blogger Instagram GTRoss20. So you can just type my Google name and you will get all the details and all that.

Ian Fernando: Appreciate everybody here and talk soon and hi and bye from the Philippines.

Jitendra Vaswani: Take care bye.

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