Monetizing a Heavily Traffic Blog Post with CPA Offers

By Ian Fernando

Yesterday, Luke from PeerFly called me out on Twitter. Just plain shouted me out stating that I was promoting affiliate offers on my blog. Not just any traditional affiliate products but more so a CPA offer. He got me and it's cool. He didn't expect it and plus the post was probably not intended for him or our demographic, affiliates. I forgive you Luke. Stop spying on me.

As you know this blog reflects about affiliate marketing, online marketing, and me as a person. I post about travels and helpful hints that maybe related to business in general. These post may not be towards affiliates, but I like to share my experience as I think it helps with you understanding who I am as a person. This means that some posts are probably ranked higher than most pages and get a lot of traction from the search engines.

With a particular post (the one Luke called me out on), I tried to monetize it with information products (Clickbank). The post itself was an informative "how to" post as well. So I figured an ebook would help. I added internal links to the ebook, switch it out for footer links, then banner links - no go. For months it did not work. I then decided to add a CPA offers and almost immediately it performed better. The best part is I was able to put the offer right in front of their face.

So how was I able to turn a blog post with a lot of traffic into an income stream? Simple, I use an exit pop up plugin. The other day I mentioned a WordPress plugin which can help increase your blog optins with a Facebook Connect button. I use the same plugin to help with exit traffic but with a CPA offer instead of a lead gen, allowing me to take advantage of potential prospects leaving my blog.

With WpSubscribers you are able to create multiple optin forms. One great tool they added was custom popup option, which you can create a popup to your own imagination. I personally just create a big image and link the image to an affiliate offer. This way I don't have to deal with any CSS issues with the popup.

This one click exit pop up lander has helped with high CTR's because the ad or "pop up lp" is in their face. I also do it on exit for a purpose because I want them to be in tune with the topic they are reading, then influence them with an ad. When I get traffic from the search engines, I always think of that traffic as 'informative traffic', meaning they are looking for information, a solution to a problem. Most do not buy right away but they get an experience and that is what I want to do. The best part is there is no backlinks that I personally made, but I rank #1 for several high search keywords.


This particular blog post gets most of its traffic from the SERPs. So I simple searched for an affiliate offer which is relevant to the blog post and create an in your face popup lander. The next step was setting the popup to only show on that particular post. For example the popup you will on this post, my Affiliate Guide, will be shown all over the blog. If I want to show one particular popup, especially a custom one I just pick it from an option within WpSubscrubers within the post I want the pop up to only appear.

This allows me to control what popup or optin form to show on a particular post.  I have control and this is what about this plugin. This powerful exit popup script allowed me to start creating an income stream from a blog post which I was not able to before. With these options I can control what popup pops up.

There are times where a blogger has a lot of traffic to an irrelevant blog topic and you need to take advantage of that traffic. Leverage the traffic by gaining the users trust and then influencing them with an affiliate offer more particularly a CPA offer. My reason is they do not have to take a credit card, just fill out a lead gen form. Readers are more interested to participate in something than actually buying, especially if they are coming to your blog for just information.

Plus, you see these types of ad block all the time except they load before you reach the content. Online magazine articles are popular to show you a content gateway with a timer before showing you the actual content. I simply took this idea and show an exit popup right before they leave.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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