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By Ian Fernando

When you are an affiliate, you will start getting your name out there and then more and more networks want you to run traffic with them. Now, when I first started I was with 2 networks. Now I am part of almost every affiliate network out there. Now I have a lot of options and more open sources to multiple offers.

When you join a network their main pitch is they can give you the highest payout, really? Well some networks can definitely provide you with the highest payouts, but that is every networks pitch. Wouldn't it be easier if you can compare side by side all the networks and compare that specific offer, then see who has the highest payouts right away?

Some networks only allow an immediate bump if you are known in the industry or if you have been doing decent volume with the network. Well sometimes you do not have to go through that specific hassle, just do a side by side comparison of the offer across all the networks. How?


OfferVault makes this very easy to do a side by side comparison of a specific niche base you are looking for. All you have to do is enter a search term, for example acai, click enter and you are set and ready to view all the offers containing that specific search term you entered as well as view the network payouts. Aside from just comparing networks and payouts, Offer Vault is pretty up to date, on the far right you will see when the network was last updated, giving you the most recent up to date payout possible. With the finalized search you can sort by the offer name, sale payout, lead payout, networks, etc.

Take a look at the image below.


With general search being so easy to see what kind or what the highest paying offer is, you also want to see and compare specific offers. As an affiliate you always want the highest payout but you ant the highest payout to a specific offer. Lets say you are running Acai Berry Blast, your network dropped your payout. Well you can use Offer Vault to find that specific offer across all other networks within Offer Vault.

It is fairly easy, you just type in "Acai Berry Blast" with quotes and it will filter all the acai offers and only return you with the offers related exactly to acai berry blast. This is a very good feature I happen to like. It gives me a quick glance of the specific offer I am running and can quickly determine who has the highest payout.

Another great function I like is the preview link next to their offer. If you are doing a broad offer search you may want to see what the advertisers landing page looks like. Offer Vault does this for you fairly simple, you found your offer, just click on preview and it will open a new window giving you a preview of the offers landing page. This gives you a big advantage and its much easier than going to network to network to see what the offers' lp looks like.

The variety of networks listed on Offer Vault is pretty big, they have a lot of the popular networks on there and a lot of the smaller ones as well. They are constantly updating their list and always making sure the payouts are also up to date. They will even email you when a new network has been listed so you can immediately see what kind of offers they have.

Another good reason to have OfferVault as an arsenal of your affiliate tools is to simply just compare. An affiliate network will always say things you want to hear. They say this offer is the highest payout in the industry, lets check and verify that. User Offer Vault to see if they are the highest. Networks will even say they got exclusives no other networks has, again verify with Offer Vault.

It is important to do self research on any offer and not to be carried away with the hype. I personally know that doing research first will yield in a better result. Sometimes you just have to do things yourself and definitely do your own comparisons.

Take a quick tour of what Offer Vault has to offer you.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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