Simple Steps on How to Run a White Hat Solar Lead Generation Affiliate Offer

By Ian Fernando

Lead Generation within the affiliate space is gaining traction but has been going on since I started. The most popular lead generations were EDU but has been hit hard with regulations. Nowadays there is vast more lead generation offers to push such as solar lead generation, insurance, car quotes, etc.

These leads are then distributed to buyers who buy them in real-time at a premium. As long as the data is fresh, you get paid top dollar, sometimes though some brokers do not know who will be bidding on your lead and you can get a lead for 1$... this is where an affiliate network comes in as they take and manage risk.

ClickDealer is a network I have been an affiliate for. They take on the risk of managing the ups and downs of a lead buyout and pay you the affiliate a fixed rate.

So here is what I do first, I try to look at the competition by doing some ad spying. I think this is important to just see what the competition is about and to shorten the creativity gap. The reason why this is important, in my opinion, is it allows you to see the types of ads and angles that are currently working.

I simply entered a keyword like solar, Anstrex pops up the ads of people advertising solar lead generation. Now I am looking at Native ads, in general, it does not matter what traffic source I am spying on because it is about taking some piece of data to be used. Images, Ad Angles, Creative text, etc.

The next step is to see how long certain ads have been running. Is solar leads a fad? Is it seasonal? etc. Maybe the ad just started on a new traffic source, maybe it stopped on an old traffic source, etc.

This is important to semi-know. As you can see these specific ads have been running for almost 5 years. These types of offers are definitely not a fad, in fact, they might be continuously growing! A quick view of this data can help you decide to run it or not. With the ad strength being so strong, I would want to go ahead and see if ClickDealer would have any offers for me to run.

ClickDealer is a very well-known affiliate network and has a wide variety of offers to choose from. A quick search for 'solar' within their network returned several results:

How do you chose which offer to promote? Most beginner affiliates will chose the higher payout? I personally would message my affiliate manager to get some stats.

What would you ask?

  • I simply would ask which offer is currently popular on your network? This allows me to overlook that offer and maybe test the other ones. You never know which offer might be converting better. Most affiliates always want to use what is working. I think this mentality is wrong.
  • I would ask the type of traffic sources, some networks would not give you that data which is fine. I would then ask the EPC of the offers.

Remember it is about having a great relationship with your affiliate manager because they want you to succeed. Ask them the right questions and they will help you be successful.

Now that you have the basic information, the next steps are fairly easy. The first step to do is actually look at the offer page and test it. Make sure to understand the end-user experience and goals. How many steps is it to conversions? What color schemes are they using? etc.

These are important as you want to cater some of these information to your landing page.

Landing page? Yes, these types of offers are more useful with a landing page. Why simple, you need to entice the end-user as to what they are expecting when they click over and what experience they will encounter. This is why it is important to test the offer. Now, how do we create a landing page?

Simple you should mimic the style or create an information style landing page. Let us go back to the ad spy tool and see what others are using. The most I have seen are the informational version news articles. These work well because they provide information to the end-user as to why. See Image Below:

You should compare each landing page and see which can help with the conversion flow of the offer. There are some things which you should include in these pages, such as the expectations of what they will be doing on the next page. This just qualifies the user and makes sure they have time to do so.

The other way to create a landing page is just a simple click-through landing page. It provides the most direct and little information possible to encourage the click. It is meant for the more educated users that are ready to take action without so much pre-selling.

So what is next? The next thing to do is generate traffic to these offers. You can get traffic pretty much anywhere. The best way to start is to start talking to your affiliate manager and ask them how you can participate in the Clickdealer Nitro contest!

Watch this Video Intro:

Affiliate contest have been super popular and it allows encouragement to push the offers even more. Working with affiliate networks that appreciate their affiliates is super important.

The reason is simple, relationship. I talked with Henry from Clickdealer before about how to handle a proper affiliate relationship and we dived into why it is super important.

It isn't just a conversation about money but an ongoing trust. This is why Clickdealer Nitro is a great way to push your relationship further with your affiliate manager at Clickdealer. You generate a lasting relationship and you get to win multiple prizes as well.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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