Voluum Review: Affiliate Tracking that is Constantly Evolving

By Ian Fernando

Voluum is considered a veteran in the world of affiliate trackers. This belief probably stemmed from the fact that this company was founded by the same person who founded ZeroPark which is a traffic network. 

Having stemmed from a company of affiliate networks, it is no wonder that Voluum already knows the ins and outs of affiliate tracking. Right off the bat, Voluum is already aware of the kind of data affiliates often need. This helped it become more in tune with new market trends. 

Let’s take a look what you can do with Voluum:

  • Use advanced targeting and rules to direct your campaign to the right audience 
  • Conduct an automat AB Test to optimize ad performance for conversions
  • Spot unrealistic conversions and detect suspicious visits usually caused by traffic bots
  • Set up personalized campaign alerts
  • Obtain extensive data analytics from all your organic and paid traffic across multiple channels

Now, a closer look at the features. 

Speed is Key, a Test to Prove it!

Voluum has 6 multiple data centers that make it one of the fastest affiliate trackers to date. It can simply redirect users to the nearest data center. Since 2015, Voluum’s multiple data centers have ensured people 100% with no click loss while tracking your campaign. 


Self-hosted affiliate trackers come with complex setup, security breaches, constant updates, and a lot of other things that can lead to hidden costs. 

Since Voluum is cloud-hosted, users can simply focus on scaling and optimizing their campaigns. They don’t have to invest money on various servers which is what usually happens when one uses a self-hosted affiliate tracker. 

On top of that, cloud solutions can also be helpful in targeting other locations without the added delay. Delay in loading time can affect your revenue quite negatively. 

Data Variety

The more data you have, the more power you have in terms of your marketing capability. Having come from an affiliate network, Voluum is aware of this. Hence, Voluum makes this one of its priorities in providing for its clients. 

Each visit, impression, click, or conversion has about 30 data points. With that, you can go specific with your data as much as you need. Proper data analysis can help you improve your ads revenue.

For instance, if you notice that a particular device type is leading you towards lower profit, you can simply deactivate this device type from your traffic sources.

Great Customer Support

We love Voluum for its advanced capabilities but if you have to learn all the process all on your own, you’d be losing a lot of profit opportunities in the process. This is why Voluum is committed to help you solve any issues or concerns you could possibly have as you utilize their platform. 

On top of that, Voluum also has video tutorials and step-by-step guides at your disposal. If you are a newbie, it will surely help you a lot to go through all of their guides.

Let see Voluum setup a campaign on their affiliate tracking system.

Quick Features to Point Out

  • User-Friendly

Similar to BeMob, Voluum also supports a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. I truly enjoy how to organize they do their naming of a campaign.

  • Multi User Access

Both Voluum and BeMob lets you create separate access accounts for the rest of your team for better collaboration. 

  • Shared Live Reports

On top of that, Voluum also offers a feature that lets you share live reports to all team members regardless of whether they have multi user access to your Voluum account. There are also the white label shared live reports that you can publish on your websites without a tracker watermark. 

  • Split Testing

When you work with single offers, Voluum can provide you with the split testing option. What this means is when you create a single offer and a few split testing samples, your traffic for the single offer can be redirected to the samples so you can access which one can bring you the most profit.

  • AI-powered Optimization Tools

Automizer is one of Voluum's campaign automation modules that helps it expand how most affiliate trackers serve their clients. Automizer makes use of Voluum's full integrations as a way to take control of your campaigns as well as automate the control that it has.

Here are some of the things that you can do with Voluum's Automizer:

  1. Receiving Alerts on Executed Rules
  2. Pause or Resume
  3. Integrated with some Traffic Sources
  4. Assign Markers
  • Data Security

Voluum is equipped with known Bot Filtering, Rule-Based IP/UA Bot Blocking, Auto-Detection And Anti-Fraud Details, and Bot Traps that provide your landers with extra lines of defense from ad spy tools. 

  • Integrations

Voluum is integrated with its parent company which is Zeropark.com. With that, you can easily buy traffic and have seamless integration hassle-free. 

Voluum Pros & Cons

Voluum is a complete package for both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers as far as affiliate tracking is concerned. This tool gives you flexibility in how you want to strategize in boosting your ads revenue.

Although Voluum requires you to master some technical aspects of ads management, it’s all good because they provide their clients with all the necessary materials to learn your way through it.

The only drawback of Voluum is its rather pricey rates (prices start at $69 per month)

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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