Can't Figure Out What to Promote? AdBridge New SmartOffer System Will Do it For You.

By Ian Fernando

Affiliates, we are lazy. This is why there are ad spy tools out there for us to see what is already working. All we do is just want to load up a campaign and forget it.

With so many offers out there and tons of traffic sources popping up how do you get to test verticals efficiently?

AdBridge has a solution for this called a SmartOffers. These smart offers are like auto optimize tracking links. You simply pick 1 of the 6 verticals and drive traffic to the link.

  • Dating
  • Mainstream Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Pills
  • Mobile Content (Adult)
  • Gay Dating

The system automatically distributes and monetizes as effectively as possible all traffic that is sent on SmartOffers. More recently they have expanded in 2 more verticals such as Cams and Weight Loss.

AdsBridge recently stepped up their game and now there is no way you can’t make money using their platform. Two new innovations have changed the game of automated internet marketing.

  • Traffic Monetization
  • Smart Offers

Traffic Monetization

Now you can go a step beyond tracking your marketing campaigns, distributing traffic and optimizing the whole funnel,  now you can also earn with prebuilt distribution channels!

With just one click, "Traffic Monetization" will:

  • Set up traffic distribution rules and paths,
  • Choose conditions,
  • Search for cool offers on the various affiliate networks,
  • Use outside service providers,
  • Test different bundles.

How It Works

After checking the 'Monetize Traffic' button you will see an option to choose your vertical. You can choose from 6 different channels or work with your own brand.

Simply toggle the "monetize the traffic" checkbox in your AdBridge dashboard. Right underneath that a second section pops allowing you to chose your vertical.

The purpose of this is to set your conditions or rules for your traffic. If none of those conditions match, then AdsBridge Traffic monetization system will optimize and try to convert offers for you.

Note, there is no payment for fraud traffic. In case there will be noticed any fraud conversions during the check-in of your withdrawal request, the payment amount will be recounted without fraud conversions. You will receive a final detailed report afterward.

Smart Offers

With a set of 6 (and growing) offering categories, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your revenue base.

Ease of use and complete automation optimization built into one tool, you simply select your chosen vertical, grab the link, and start sending traffic. With this, you can also define rules like distribution and split-testing against your own offers.

AdsBridge system automatically distributes and monetizes your traffic as effectively as possible. With this several link strategy or campaign, strategies can be implemented.

Such as distribution rules and paths like only Android devices to just Smart Offers. Maybe you just want to test a new traffic source with a smart link and see if the traffic can be converted.

With these new tools set in motion by the AdBridge team you can better optimize the traffic to your need and still earn commissions the best way possible.

Sign up to AdBridge Platform and utilize their new traffic monetization system along side their Smart Offers.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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