CPA Shuffle in Private Beta

By Ian Fernando

Really excited today about my new project that I have been working on and I am finally releasing it for private testing. Today, I want to talk about CPA Shuffle and why I think it will replace Adsense. Basically it is an ad network of CPA networks (currently 1 network).

As you know affiliate marketers like myself target and find placement websites to put our ads in. We bid on your website to gain a click and hopefully gain a conversion. Google Adsense pays you on a per click basis, every click you get paid on. The click can range from pennies to close to dollars, but nothing more. Most Adsense users are still waiting for their $100 paycheck, are you still waiting?

Since I am an affiliate marketer and I am bidding on high traffic sites to get my ads seen, I hope to get a click and more importantly get a conversion. While I pay very little for the click, Google pays you even less for the click. Now what if my clicks from your website to my offer converts, that is an easy $2-$30 conversion for me as an affiliate marketer.

CPA Shuffle

Adsense Users: Why are you giving away your webspace to people like me when you can be earning a larger amount from CPA offers?

If  you have an Adsense style website or put Adsense on your blog, start monetizing it with CPA Shuffle. CPA Shuffle put offers directly on your website or blog base on your niche. If someone clicks on the ad and converts you easily earn money.

Readers are reading your site because they want to know information, information can lead to a click which can lead to a conversion. It makes sense and the reason we as affiliates are targeting sites with Adsense because of that mathematical equation.

The basis of CPA Shuffle:

  • Pull in Network Offers and Display them Adsense Style
  • You Sign up to the Network and have your Affiliate ID within CPA Shuffle
  • Ability to Rotate Network Ads base on Performance
  • Randomly Shows Different Offers from Other CPA Networks (future, currently 1 network)
  • Traditional Banner Style Ads to Put on your Blog
  • Get Paid Higher than pennies

You can see live ads at and if you refresh the page you can see it rotates and pulls in offers from the network. Currently CPA Shuffle is in private beta and only certain websites will be able to qualify as each registered person will be reviewed. This is because we want to make sure there is traffic and there are clicks going to the offers.

This new system should help people who want to get started in affiliate marketing but do not traditionally know how to promote. You have website and blog and want to monetize it, well CPA Shuffle can definitely help with your monetization.

If  you would like to test out CPA Shuffle, please visit and definitely register your site for review. I think this willl truly be the death og Adsense!

Networks: If you have an API system please contact me as I would like to include you in CPA Shuffle. Please NON Direct Track Networks only. I have already tested with the Direct Track and it does not seem to cooperate with what I need to do, obviously its Direct Track!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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