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When on the internet a lot of people look for information especially when trying to purchase something or even a service. I know when I purchase a TV or an electronic item, I tend to read and other electronics sites. I look for reviews by the network and more importantly - I look at the reviews of users that have purchased and used the product or service.

The same goes for looking at web services or web products. Creating a review site can be hard, you need to look for the right script, right platform, etc. But times has changed and you can have a simple review type style website in 5 minutes. With the power of WordPress you are able to create a unique style review site. How can you create a review site in 5 minutes? Simple, WP Review Site has a great plugin which takes care of all the hard work for you.

With affiliate marketing, this plugin can be an asset to your business. There are several offers and multiple offers out there that require either a website, content, etc. This is way too much work sometimes, even creating a simple LP can be a too much to do. Why create content when users create them for you. Opinions and what others are saying become more trusted than official websites themselves. Users are looking for experiences and what they have been through.

WP Review Site is a system that is simple to use and easy to setup. It even comes with 2 free premium templates for you to chose and play around with. All you have to do is grab it and upload it to your plugins directory of your wordpress site. Once that is done simply go to the settings of WP Review Site and fill in your specifics:

wp review site

It is straight forward and you get to setup your rating board and even setup the CSS for it as well. You can customize it for your liking and simply just match the star system to your site. That is really it when it comes to this super and first review site plugin for WordPress.

Features include

  1. Star Ratings to Comment Forms
  2. Flexible Display Options
  3. Sorts Your Posts by Weighted Average Rating
  4. Add Ratings to Your Whole Website or Just Parts You Want
  5. Rating Widgets For Your Sidebar
  6. Affiliate Link Management
  7. ...and more

What WP Review site does is it takes the comments section and turn it into a user feedback form. The form properties are still kept the same but the addition of the ratings are mixed in, making it look like a user feedback form. You can simple deactivate the plugin and everything will be back to normal, there is no need to manually adjust code - the plugin does it all.

Benefits of a Review Site

There are huge benefits with having a review site and blending it with affiliate marketing. Sometimes you do not want to do work and most of the people are looking for information, especially if they have not heard of a product before. I know you as a person read reviews before purchasing a car or even an electronic item, users are just like you and are definitely looking for comparisons. Here is my version of WP Review Site Plugin:

You see everyone wants to have the best and always want to join the best service or have the craziest sickest electronic device out there. With WP Review Site you definitely can create a great looking review site in literally 10 minutes. Some benefits to having a review site:

  1. User Generated Content
    With a review site - users generate your content. They are providing unique feedback to your website. I say unique because everyone's experience differs from one another and definitely has more weight with SERPs.
  2. Little Maintenance
    Since the content is generated by the user, you simply just install and create the topic for discussion and leave it alone. Users create the content and you just watch the search engines get happy because of the constant content updates.
  3. Faster Conversions
    When a user does research they are more pron to purchase or take action. The reason for this is socially we depend on others to help us make a decision on a product. WP Review Site creates the sense of community, where users are providing feedback to a stranger and helping the end user make a more direct decision.

With WP Review Site, everything is there for your use. Some drawbacks I did find are lack of options - ability to add member sign up (the code within the template was removed, had to add it back in). Other than that it was easy and simple to install.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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