Social Ad Spyder Review: The Ultimate Facebook Ad Spy Tool?

By Ian Fernando

For anyone looking to create profitable ad campaigns on Facebook, this Social Ad Spyder review is definitely for you! 

As an affiliate, I frequently use ad spy tools to see what creatives are working right now and ensure my operations are aligned with the current trends. 

Spy tools enable you to efficiently launch advertising campaigns by analyzing the performance of other advertisements in your niche of choice. This helps you to determine factors like how you should angle your ad, what type of visual assets to use, and the optimal length for your copy to set up a profitable campaign. 

Ad spy tools save you time and money by showing you exactly what type of ad you should create if you want to do well so you don’t waste as many resources on testing as we digital marketers were subject to in the past.

This is especially important in the current environment of digital advertising, where advertising costs are trending upward as the space gets more competitive. 

If you run advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, this social ad spy tool will give you a huge advantage over your competition by showing you what a profitable ad looks like out of the gate. 

What is Social Ad Spyder?

Social Ad Spyder is an ad spy tool specifically for platforms under the Meta umbrella, so it works for Facebook, Instagram, the Meta Audience Network, and Messenger. It's a social ad search engine that collects and organizes social network advertising data so that you can make informed campaign decisions. 

At just $49.99 for the Professional subscription or $59.99 for the Premium, Social Ad Spyder is a bargain and well worth the price considering the thousands of dollars a month it will save you on ad spending and data collection efforts. 

Although the platform has just recently launched, it has been scraping data for over two years, so it’s ready to start making an immediate impact on your social campaigns. 

Who is Social Ad Spyder made for?

Social Ad Spyder is made for affiliates and E-commerce advertisers who run paid social ads on Meta. 

Affiliates have access to data from over a dozen verticals like Crypto, Male Health, and CBD. As an affiliate, you get thousands of new ads daily and landing pages are conveniently available to download for quick analysis. 

If you're an E-commerce marketer, you'll be excited to know that you can quickly sort through ads from the biggest platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and ClickFunnel to analyze product ad performance. Plus, downloading video and image media assets for analysis and adjustment is as easy as a single click. 

With Social Ad Spyder, you have access to:

  • Easy-to-interpret advertisement performance data with downloadable assets
  • Advertising data from over 150 countries
  • A database of over 20 million ads
  • An advanced filtering system that uses boolean logic to permit advanced queries

How do you use Social Ad Spyder?

Social Ad Spyder is very easy to use. If you’ve already worked with the Anstrex spy tool for push ads, you’ll find the interface of Social Ad Spyder very familiar, as it was created by one of the founders of Anstrex. 

I’ll use the rest of this article to discuss how I use this tool. Make sure to watch the Youtube live training here, or the video above.

As you can see from the image below, your filtering parameters are aligned across the top of the screen. Once you set some parameters and filter the data, your dashboard is filled with any matching advertisements. 

Each result shows you:

  • The ad creative (image or video)
  • CTA used
  • The Facebook Page
  • Ad copy
  • When it was first and last seen
  • # of Likes
  • Running time
  • What platform it has run on (if applicable, ex: Shopify)
  • Where it has been advertised (ex: Instagram)
  • Category of ad product
  • Country advertised in
  • Find out More Here >

When you see an ad that piques your interest, you can click and open it up to analyze even more data as seen below. This is also where you can see the landing page that the advertisement used.

An aspect of this tool that really excites me is the "Creatives" tab. Here, you can see all the advertisement variations that have been running and quickly compare their performance. You can get an idea of where you should advertise and which angle and style you should use when crafting your own ad.

Over the last six months, I've been getting into pay-per-call campaigns because it's a growing trend in the industry, so that's what I'm currently using this tool for.

I start by using the search function and typing in the keyword of the vertical I want to advertise in. I search by "Landing page search" because my strategy is always to pre-sell my affiliate offer, so I only want to see advertisements that incorporate a landing page.

Then I sort by "Duration (desc)" so I can see the longest-running ads first on the dashboard. I also set the minimum duration to seven days because if an ad can run for at least a week, that shows it has probably performed pretty well.

Finally, because I'm mostly focused on pay-per-call, I set the CTA to "Call Now" so I filter advertisements only from pay-per-call campaigns.

Although this is how I'm currently using Social Ad Spyder, many other uses and filtering parameters beyond what I've discussed here can enhance any Meta-based social advertising campaign.

If you want to substantially improve your Facebook advertising results, you can experiment with this tool for two days risk-free and watch your performance skyrocket!

Is Social Ad Spyder the Ultimate Facebook Ad Spy Tool Available?

Social Ad Spyder is currently my go-to spy tool to get ideas for social media advertising campaigns. 

The key to using this spy tool successfully is to see what’s working on the market and then try to make a slight improvement by adding your own unique spin to make yours better than the competition. 

Social Ad Spyder has made a noticeable difference in my advertising performance and I believe it can be a beneficial tool for any affiliate or E-commerce marketer running ads on Facebook or Instagram. 

If you’re struggling to get profitable with your Meta advertising or just want to improve your current processes, give this game-changing social ad spy tool a try today!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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