Easiests Way to Start as an eCom Affiliate. Quickly Find Profitable Ads Online and Replicate

By Ian Fernando

Start Spying on Profitable eCom Offers by simply spying. I am going to show you how to find profitable and even help you find other eCom offers to promote without ever owning the product.

Now just a couple days ago, I wrote the reasons why you should not start a Shopify store. Especially if you are brand new to this internet world. The headaches for a beginner are a pain, it is easier to promote an offer to understand that side of the business.

So I will help you spy on what is working so you can start right away and find products to promote. First, we are going to start with a spy tool I use called, Anstrex.

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We are going to basically cheat just a little bit and find what is already working out there. Even though Ansrtrex spies on just Native ads, you can take these creatives and ideas and push them to any traffic sources such as Facebook, Push Networks, etc.

When you log into Anstrex, you have to set up some parameters. It is pretty important when trying to find profitable ads. Here are my parameters that I set:

  • I adjust days running to 10 days, this gives me an idea that the ad is doing good to continue the ad spend
  • Ad network I chose Taboola just because they are very strict and favor more white hat campaigns.
  • Platform depends on where you want to advertise first. I usually start with Desktop.
  • Country depends on where you want to advertise. I start with English.
  • Affiliate Network I start with the ones I know that are more eCom friendly. GiddyUp is a popular one.

After all the search parameters are entered, Anstrex produces the results for you.

You can see that it produced several popular products and some of them you might have seen.

Now, you will not see Shopify products because most of these Shopify products do not have an affiliate program. Also, most Shopify webmaster does not even know how to run traffic.

So in any case you want to find products that are being promoted and then replicate the ideas of the ad on the same traffic network.

Now if we choose another ad from the results that Anstrex created, we may find other products from the same advertiser. For example, I clicked on the ad to check out the stats and then within Anstrex clicked on creative.

The creatives for the same advertiser will show up and they will show us the rest of the creatives he is using. This can show us different variations of the ad or other products that they are promoting.

As you can see this person is not just promoting 1 product they are promoting multiple products. Each one has a story to tell, so let pick a product and go from there.

It may take some time find the right one but the first action is research and if you are spying then you are doing but you have to follow through and actually, create the ad then buy the traffic.

I found a really unique offer that has been running and is a problem among hairy men. This offer is a BakBlade by Giddyup and it is a very unique product.

As you can see I even get access to this person's landing page. Anstrex provides all the essentials when starting an affiliate campaign from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel right?

Now even though this ad looks unique, fits the parameters I entered, we have the landing page, etc. Let see some numbers and make sure that this offer is the best to start with.

Anstrex provides even more in-depth data:

This graph shows how often the ad was seen when Anstrex crawled the ad. The blue represents how often it was crawled and the red line represents the avg rank.

This is important because you want your ad to have visibility and at least be on the first impression. This will guarantee eyes to your ad. Anstrex gives you the insight on the ad itself.

In this particular case, the ad does not seem to perform that well, in my opinion, but it has been advertised for quite some time so I may also be wrong.

I say this because some publishers may want to have minimum impressions but targeted results. This person might have created a white list and only targeted specific websites. In any case, this ad can still be replicated.

Now that we have an ad that we want all we have to do now is replicate it and buy traffic to it. The traffic strategy is very different from just spying.

Again Anstrex spies on Native Ad Networks, BUT you can take these creatives and push them to another ad network like Push or Pop traffic or maybe even Facebook.

With these ad tools, remember they are tools. They will not make you successful unless you understand what you are actually doing. I can give you a hammer but if you hammer your head instead of the nail on the board... I mean...

But I want to just show you that you can find eCom products and start promoting them and not deal with the headaches of customer service, merchant accounts, inventory control, etc. You just focus on the traffic and the conversions. No need for an actual Shopify store.

The goal is to immerse yourself in the advertising side, Anstrex makes it easy to find a profitable eCom affiliate offer and start with the ad marketing.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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