7 Boss Entrepreneurs to Follow on SnapChat in 2016

By Ian Fernando

Damn... sorry lack of posts...

More recently the growth of SnapChat has exploded and it is crazy how everyone is saying it is the next marketing machine for your business. It can be but growing the following has to be on going as there is no venue for users to really find you.

I think this is whats makes them unique, it is like subscribing to a TV channel you want to watch. Skipping the rest that doesn't interest you. Even then, there is visibility where in SnapChat there really isn't. It is a medium outreach to see the reality of you and your business.

With 15 second quick clip episode burst is what has become a mini entertainer for just a while with your favorite celebrities and idols. As if you are face-timing with them and I think that is why a lot of users like the 24 hour feed. 15 second episodes on your iPhone.

dj-khlaed-snapchatDj Khaled - Just his love for life is the reason why you should follow him. I wrote a post about him when I first seen him on SnapChat in December, lots of knowledge. I believe Dj Khaled started the wave of SnapChat as everyone now is on because of him. Everyone knows SnapChat because of Dj Khaled. Lately, I think he has been paid to sponsor a lot of content but he still put in the time to praise the flowers. LION!!!

justin-kan-snapchat-tvJustinTV - Crazy how I was exploring adTech San Francisco via a buddy of mines JustinTV feed. Then later Justin sold it to Amazon, as Twitch, for almost a billion! His snaps are about his life, like workouts, foods, and hiking. I do like how he makes his YC seekers do their pitch on his SnapChat. At the end of each pitch he analyzes their story and provides feedback on what to improve and if it is worth the investment.

desmond-ong-snapchatDesmond Ong - I have known Desmond for awhile now. He is in a different space than I am, info marketing space. Basically copywriting. Though he has a lot of good advice on business etiquette. He has very simple hacks he discusses while drinking a cup of coffee while on break. While traveling, I have visited his office in Malaysia and I can tell you lots of changes since I have met him.

gary-vee-snapchatGary Vaynerchuck - Though I do think so of his snaps are just a rinse repeat from what he said yesterday or last week - work hard, don't quite, do - don't try, etc etc. It is his energy that gets me, so enrage with 'hustle' that it is entertaining to watch and motivational as well. He also recently started back on his health and he has the same energy in business when he is pushing weights. Another aspect of his snaps is how he conducts his meetings.

steve-howe-snapchatSteve Howe - Steve is amazing person since I have met him in this affiliate industry. Crazy how growth takes you places. His Snaps are about grilling, driving in cars, guns, fireworks, and advice on growing a company. Best part are his big business talks and how to grow as a business and person. Awesome to see the speed of his Snaps in his car as well. Another part of his snaps is he speaks what is on his mind and lets everything out.

andy-frisella-snapchatAndy Frisella - Owner of 1st Phorm, his snaps are very energetic and you get to feel his work attitude and work culture. I have seen his snaps are a majority at the warehouse and office. Very energetic and has a lot of good advice on why and how you should start a business. Engages with his team and motivates everyone with the 'Cobra'. I like his snaps because it is engaging from warehouse to his podcast.

Cindy Sha - A blogger at Nohat Digital which compromises posts about online marketing and explaining how online technology works in our digital age. I recently was featured as one of the most influential affiliates still in our industry, thanks Cindy. They also have an interesting partnership program to help you get started in the online marketing realm. Their apprenticeship is helping motivated users to work online.

ian-fernando-snapchatIan Fernando - Owner of this blog! I recently created a new SnapChat because I felt the last username created was the past and used differently.... Now, I have posts about my daily activities, foods, travels, and my workouts. I have shisha sessions where I think out loud and provide quick answers and feedback to my readers and followers. I speak about updates on my business and show how I live my life.

To add any of the entrepreneurs above, simply just scan the SnapCode and add or simply search IANtrepreneur.

I will probably make another list but these I feel are the snaps that I look at and try to get some sort of advice. There are bloggers out there that do not have snapchat or are not as active, but I feel myself moving away from Instagram because Snapchat feels like i have to ad more content everyday, where Instagram the content is there.

Any case, let me know if I have left anyone out that I should be following. I do follow other investors and other entrepreneurs on snapchat as well but I feel these are the ones that I don't get bored of.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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