I Started a Slack Community - 60 Days into a New Business Idea

By Ian Fernando

Sorry, I haven't been blogging lately, I have been working on my new idea and venture, ADvengers Online. It is a slack group chat about online marketing and more specifically about media buying. Every business needs traffic and this community is meant to discuss just that.

The chat isn't just for affiliate marketing but for media buyers and business owners that are buying traffic to their lead gen or website. It is a way to openly discuss and ask questions about their campaigns and see if there is a better way to promote it.

Why Did I Create this Chat?

I started realizing that I am being bombarded by a ton of alerts from Telegram Groups, Affiliate Forums, Facebook groups, Skype Groups, WhatsApp Messages, etc. Each of these groups is also focused on just Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native, etc.

There was not a home for all of these and I thought why not just have a home for them. I wanted one place where I can just chat about online marketing and give my feedback to user questions. We live in a loud internet now. There is just so much access to information that we all become lost.

I thought why isn't there a Slack group or channel for all these media buy stuff? Where is the community? I see a ton of Facebook groups, but there isn't an interaction of users that exchange information.

So How Does ADvengers Work? What's Different?

I get asked this a lot and I do not know just yet. I started this idea and I wanted to see where it goes. I already have been brought opportunity about what to do and I am going in that direction.

For example, ADvengers are participating in a live case study where the members interact with campaign setup and optimization and I do the setup and ad spend. This way users who are new to affiliate marketing can see what it takes to set one up.

Members can see the type of ad copy, the creative, the campaign setup, etc. The most important part is the actual optimization part and sees how the members will interact and see how and why they chose what they chose.

Then I will be there to set it up and explain their decisions. I think this is a first of its kind and I want to see what the community thinks. Will they interact with each other and help each other out base on their input? Will they battle it out? Veterans vs Rookie battle?

I do not know. Every time I create a business I have the overall goal in mind but then it takes a sharp 180 turn and goes in a different direction. This is what happened with my software OfferSnitch and AdRoots. I think this is the model but my users tell me otherwise. So this time I am putting the concept out there and letting the group tell me.

This might be a horrible way to start a new project but having faith in the group is better than forcing it down them later on. Plus I want to see where this idea goes as there are opportunities in setting a community for information.

I want to be able to also communicate with everyone about issues I am having when I buy media and about online marketing in general. I also want to give back, I have 15 years plus in this affiliate game and I just need to let go of some information I have.

The biggest thing as well is that information in our space is forever changing and that is why I think a chat threaded system is useful. Searching in forums is great, but sometimes the information can be old and probably does not work anymore.

With Slack old information just gets removed and new information when ask is very useful. Of course, there shouldn't be any basic questions but interactive campaign strategy questions. This is what I want out of ADvengers.

Soon this chat will be closed as well as I want to maintain a high profile of users first. I want to make sure there is going to be enough conversation to go around and to discuss. I also do not want to spread myself too thin as I will be doing case studies and helping users out as well.

Soon into Q2 there are going to be other changes into our community and I hope it grows into something bigger for years to come.

Here is a video about it as well and an intro into the live case study we will be doing.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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