RichPush Case Study: Dating Smartlink Results and my Ad Campaign Setup

By Ian Fernando

Last April I posted a mini case study with RichPush on international dating. I expanded into other countries. I decided to get into the ProfitSocial system and test out their SmartLink.

I have used dating smart links before and it allowed me to see which sub-niche of dating was working and allowed me to cater to that specific niche. So I decided to do the same with this mini-test and it did fairly well. So This post will be a breakdown of the traffic on RichPush.

Here is the basic setup of the RichPush Case Study:

  • International Smartlink Dating
  • $25 a day test
  • Direct Linking to the Smartlink
  • Selected Push Sub list provided by RichPush
  • 8 Creatives
  • 3 Impression over 7 Days
  • 1 Click over 7 Days
  • Targeting Only Mobile Devices

The 3 impressions over 7 days allows me to only send 3 ad impressions to the device over 7 days before it resets. This is the same thing when setting up a click over days. This allows some break to the end user.

Usually, I tend to use a spy tool to find landers and creatives but dating is very straight forward and usually what has been working can still work. It is just the creatives that just need constant changing and updating. This is why I set the 3 impressions per user then reshow after 7 days. It will give me a better view of what the traffic is like.

I also have a Blacklist that I also already have from my prior campaigns and just uploaded that so this is why this campaign came out of the gate pretty strong. Below are the creatives I have used to get clicks. Icons just did better overall, whereas prior images did better. Always testing.

The setup was pretty straight forward and just used the smartlink to get things to convert. As stated I already had a blacklist and a Push sub list which was provided by RichPush to advertise on and I was getting conversions on day 2. The first day for some reason the traffic was slow.

In this screenshot below, you will see that each site ID I was converting on. You obviously do not see the site ID to the far left, since I did have a whole blacklist going on. The smart link was working!

Eventually, it got me excited and I wanted to try another dating smart link and decided to hit up Mobipium since they do have a smart link for dating as well. The payout was not what I was expecting but it is a smart link I guess. Smart links are meant to re-monetize remnant traffic, so usually payouts are smaller.

Both these stats are on the same date range. You can see that Mobipium started well in rotation and using Voluum's self optimize, it decided that Profit Social was performing much better on RichPush traffic source and gave the majority to ProfitSocial.

One interesting thing though is that I couldn't get conversions to postback to Voluum or RichPush. I talked to Mobipium but we could not get it to work. I showed screenshots of how Voluum setups the tracking and it was just not firing back.

In any case, it didn't matter these conversions are small and did matter much. It would have been great to shoot it to RichPush so I can utilize the targetCPA better. All those conversions from Mobipium were not worth it. It did better than Monetizer I think, but then I also get to build my push subscribers - so not really sure which is better.

One feature I always now tend to use is RichPush automation. Now I can just let the campaign run without overlooking the campaign every hour. Here are the 2 rules I always setup within RichPush

  • Blacklist Site IDs with a 1% AD CTR
  • Blacklist Publisher IDs with more than a $3.50 spend and no conversions.

I think these are two very important rules for any campaign. The first rule makes sure I am not wasting on-site IDs that might be useless. Some sites might just have a bad publisher list, so I try to avoid that right away. I know I am paying per CPC, but no point in setting up impressions on a non-active publisher database.

The next rule is after X spend, check to see if I have a conversion. I have this because if a bunch of sites is bad then it gotta be the publisher who owns all these sites. So I want to avoid that specific publisher and all his lame sites. I can set the ROI but I like to set it at 'spend to conversion', the reason is that I can clean the site id with the first rule.

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Ian Fernando
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