[Book Review] Shoemoney's Book is a Joke

By Ian Fernando

A week back Shoemoney hit me up to check out his book. Awesome, I needed a new book to read anyways. I was up for it. He sent me his PDF and about 2 days later I started reading it. If you know Shoemoney, he is very transparent and likes to conversate - he is passionate about what he does. In the Shoemoney book he comes off the same way, the book feels as if you are having a conversation.

ShoemoneyBookCoverThe first couple chapters are what you have heard about Shoemoney about his past, his Adsense check, how he use to be fat etc. He speaks about this all the time at conferences and even when you speak to him giving you a real life scenario. This is nothing out of the norm from the day to day conversation when you see Jeremy at shows or conferences.

He does talk more about his past through out the book, about his dad - his entrepreneurship, how he started learning Linux, etc. Through out the book, there are small things that he doesn't mention when you conversate with him that is told in the book.

This book isn't about making money online, but it does tell a great story about how Jeremy Schoemaker went through life and became successful. It is his life story. The best part about this book that it is easy to read, each chapter will almost reflect the last chapter you read or bring you back to a couple chapters back. Shoemoney will always mention something from the past to where he is at currently in life, as told in the book.

Whether it be meeting a lady which help started his Linux coding skills or if it is about meeting someone from Google to talk about his cellphone site he created. There is a lot of references going back which reflect his current situation, from the book.

There are a lot of interesting jokes or funny entries in the book as well. He talks about his circumcision and crazy sex stories in the book. The book really keeps you reading and is very easy to read.

One thing I notice and you will notice is, side notes, they are everywhere in the book or it seemed they were everywhere. Again, the book feels like you are conversing with Shoemoney and going off topic is pretty normal. In the book, I think he stated his editors told him that this is a book and not a blog and Jeremy basically said to fuck off.

His attitude is in the book and so is his persona, when you read the first chapter he comes off as like, who else Shoe 'motherfucking money as he would gladly put it. Through out the book he takes chances and risks, acting as he does not care and each step puts him in a new scenario about life and how he took advantage of it and learned from it.

Here are the chapters in the book. The first 5 chapters are stories you probably heard from Jeremy himself. With that said, this book remind me of another book by Seth Godin, all marketers are liars - a book about story telling and through Shoemoney's book he mentions how stories are powerful asset to a marketer. He even points it out in the very beginning of his book.

  1. Intros and Angles
  2. I Am God
  3.  Used to Be Fat
  4. Ahoy Motherfucking Misfits
  5. Lessons from Being (Almost) Killed
  6. Footloose Ohio
  7. There Are Two Kinds of People and I’m the Second
  8. Welcome to the Internet, Danny LaRusso
  9. How to Live in a Cave
  10. Take the Blue Pill
  11. Ever Questing
  12. Wells Fargo Redemption
  13. Leaps of Faith
  14. Parting Out and Cashing In
  15. Buy a Good Bed, Marry a Good Woman (And Get Your Potholders at Target)
  16. You May Address Me as Doctor Schoemaker
  17. Holy Shit
  18. Nothing’s Changed but My Change

Throughout his book are life experiences that you can easily pickup to help with your internet marketing skills. The books is easily readable and you continue to read it because it leaves you wanting to know more and what the next joke Shoe is going to tell about his current situation or who he will tell to get lost.

Very entertaining, comical, very good story, and maybe even movie worthy as he comments it in the book. Def grab a copy of the book and be entertained while gather Shoemoney's experience through his life.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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