Elite Swim Suit Models Make Elite Profits

By Ian Fernando

As the affiliate marketing industry grows and grows, more and more networks are rising and since most networks are all alike and can offer the same exact thing. High payouts, exclusive offers, weekly payments, etc. One network decides to attack it at a different level.

Elite Profits is a new CPA Network which aims it self at giving a lot of money back to their affiliates. Elite Profits is a fairly new CPA network, only just 3 months old they have a lot to offer to their affiliates. First, their site is very attractive and appeals to the audience, I mean who doesn't like to see a sexy lady on the front page of a network.

...and their is a reason for that. I talk to Adam about his network and what separates them from the rest. He told me a lot of good things that I like.


Now if you notice on their main page, their is a swim suit model just hanging out in the middle of their site. This isn't just an eye candy but a purpose, Bliss Bailey is a swim suit model and the reason why she is on Elite Profits home page is because they are doing a raffle to win the network's commission. By this they simple mean the margin they earn off an offer.

For example, you are promoting an Acai offer and you are getting paid $30 per lead, well the network is making $32 on the offer. So the difference or margin is $2. Which means you earn their full profit on the specific offer. If you do 100 leads to the specific offer, that is an additional $200 for you to take home. So this does have it's advantage.

I can say some affiliate managers will risk their margins/commissions just so I can run and continue the traffic on an offer, but it seems Elite Profits is risking the networks. So it does have a bigger benefit.

There is 2 ways which you can win the monthly margins from their network, which is very simple. The first is you have to earn a minimum of 500$ a month, if you do then you are entered in a raffle with everyone that has generated a minimum of 500$ as well. Then 3 lucky winners are chosen.

The second way to win is a similarity of the raffle but your a definite winner. All you have to do is earn a minimum of $1000. Once you reach that you get to take their margins. Its pretty simple and it is easy to do. So if you are doing volume and reach $500 or $1000 then you are entitled to get the networks margins, pretty grateful of the network.

One twist...

With the raffle, as I was talking to Adam to get a better understanding of their network. They are doing the raffles with swim suit models. Bliss Bailey as I mentioned, will be the first to pick out a winning raffle and they are going to do it live as well. Very Very catchy, I mean I bet more will log on to watch the models - still that is eyes on Elite Profits. Each month they will be doing a raffle they will be grabbing a new model to pick a winner. This networks definitely knows how to entertain.

Well enough of the entertainment, lets get into the network details.


They have a couple offers which almost all networks have. I did not see any offers that I have not already seen. But the offers they do have only are of the ones that are converting. So this is good, if you want to  split tests offers on networks. I personally found the same exact offer will convert better on one network than another, not really sure why that is.

Also, caps. If there is a cap on an offer maybe another network that runs the same offer does not have a specific cap or probably worked out a contract with the advertiser of some sort. Sometimes caps are also universal which can not be phased by any network.

They have a variety of offers, nothing that really stuck out to me. The offers they are running are of what is currently hot out there.


Elite Profits uses Hit Path as their tracking system. This is a good alternative to Direct Track. Hit Path has a very clean user interface and easy navigation. Their API is easily accessible if you do decide to use it. Reporting and tracking seems to be in real time and gets log into their network rapidly. A definite plus.

The only thing I have with this network is all offers have to be requested, you can't just start promoting the offer right away. You have to request the offer, I really don't like this because I test a bunch of offers right away. Especially if I am in a rush to find an offer replacement I need that specific offer ready to go.

The reason they do this to protect their advertiser, they only want quality traffic and not spam traffic. Which I guess I can understand. But there are tons of ways to get traffic and you have to test the traffic. But you will have to fill out this mini form and give a reason how you are going to be promoting or driving traffic to it.


Adam, sounds like a solid guy. Base out of Connecticut they run their network with 4 other employees. Adam sounds like he really is having fun and is there to help. I mean he made a wall of post it that says "Get Money"! Great conversation with Adam about his network and I will definitely try to meetup with them at any upcoming conferences and if he is in NY


Visit Elite Profits because they have swim suit models!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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