PropellerAds Direct Click Review: Unlocking the Power of an Engaged Audience

By Ian Fernando

The hardest thing about digital marketing today is timing; there’s nothing worse than selling to those not looking to buy. PropellerAd’s Direct Click has been the missing piece I’ve been searching for, giving me the ability to find high-converting customers and sell to them when they’re ready to buy. In this blog, I look at what is Direct Click, what are the benefits of Direct Click, and why it’s a game-changer.

What is Direct Click?

If you’re like me and are constantly looking for new marketing tools to help drive traffic, look no further. PropellerAds recently announced a cutting-edge feature that I found has completely revolutionized how I get traffic onto my websites; it’s called Direct Click.

What makes PropellerAd’s Direct Click so unique is that it can zero in on which users are most active and help increase their likelihood of converting. Direct Click, which uses PropellerAd’s Onclick format, uses that information to pay for direct visits right to your website or online store, increasing conversion rates by an average of 3-10 times. Moreover, some tests show increasing CR a staggering 120 times!

Significant Benefits with Direct Click

Higher Conversion Rates

Direct Click does so well because it’s given me access to which segments of my audience were the most engaged. I was then able to better target customer traffic types that were the most likely to convert and lead to higher revenues. An absolute god-send if you ask me.

Faster Rates of Returns

Direct Click is slightly more expensive, but I found that you pay for what you get. This feature has helped convert traffic that much faster compared to anything else I’ve seen on the market. Direct Click has given me the freedom to expand my operations, leading to even more conversions.

Super Efficient Testing

Testing in marketing is so crucial. Knowing what is working and converting can be the difference between high revenues or going bust. Direct Click lets me test super efficiently on which offer types and creative are converting and which approaches need more focus.

How Does Direct Click Work?

Direct Click uses PropellerAd’s specially designed artificial intelligence algorithm (AI), which looks for the best performing traffic that’s most likely to convert through direct visits. Although Direct Click doesn’t target specific zones, it gives you the ability to access areas that are super hard to reach.

Why Is Direct Click Able to Drive More Traffic?

Direct Click can drive quality traffic so successfully to your site because of the amount of testing this feature uses. This testing leads to those customers who are likely to convert right away, giving you the best quality and volume.

How Much Higher Is the Conversion Rate For Direct Click?

I’ve found many other clients of PropellerAds online have said that their conversion rates have been between 20% to 40%. PropellerAds states that conversion rates go up as high as 3-10 times higher with Direct Click; the numbers don’t lie.

Before (On Click Campaign):

After (Direct Click):

What Verticals Work Best on Direct Click?

In the e-Commerce vertical myself and have found that Direct Click has done wonders for my campaigns, making things so much easier. Some other verticals that top the list are iGaming, Pinsubmit, Sweepstakes,  Extensions, Utilities, Finance, and eCommerce.

Easily Engage Your Audience using Direct Click

What Direct Click does way better, in my opinion than the competition is there’s no guessing; with access to up-to-date information on active audience members, you’ll increase your conversion rate by 10 to 120 times higher.

The next thing is Direct Click does tons of testing at exceptionally high speeds so you can know who to target and where to focus ad placement that much sooner. Lastly, high-quality traffic sources will help ensure your campaigns are a success-leading to higher revenues.

My Two Cents

Direct Click by PropellerAds has been a true gamechanger regarding which customers I target and where I place my ads. It’s been just the thing I needed to make sure my campaigns are in front of those looking to buy my offering. I would give Direct Click two thumbs up and if you’re looking for that last missing piece, look no further.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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