Review: EvoLeads, White Label Tracking Solution

By Ian Fernando

I have used a lot of tracking platforms in my experience and was very impressed with The Montreal based company Evoleads' top notch and competitive tracking platform. Analyzing the product has led me to the conclusion that this platform is revolutionary.

When you take a look at other tracking platforms in the affiliate marketing space, EvoLeads offers a lot of the same features and more at less of a price. The monthly fee of EvoLeads' white label solution is $499 a month. That's about two times less than the industry standard. Along with the generous pricing comes two months free to networks that migrate to EvoLeads' white label tracking platform.


For such a generous price, the time and resources it took to create such great functionality and modern design must've been far greater than most companies were willing to risk. While I was navigating through the different menus, one thing I noticed was the speed and responsiveness of the platform. This is very important for affiliates because they want to see network offers without trouble. Also, the modern and customizable design will make publishers more attracted to your network because believe it or not, people may not always judge books by their cover, but publishers do base a big portion of their decision of who they run with by the look and feel of their tracking platform.

As far as features go, one awesome feature that I came across is real time global stats when publishers go through offers. I am almost 100% sure that nobody else offers this feature. There is nothing better for an affiliate than seeing accumulated publisher epc's and conversion rates in front of an offer they are about to run. They not only put stats on their "offers" page, but also have stats posted right when you log in. Now, many networks offer this feature, but they are way more pricey.  Another great feature that I came across on the network side was how you could set limits on publisher activity, making it possible to never go over an advertiser's budget cap.

EvoLeads has not only created a user friendly tracking platform, but also a friendly community of networks using the same tracking platform called Evo Marketplace. It has been created to allow multiple publishers and advertisers to interact all under one roof. Publishers can see all the offers they want to run without having to log in to 10 different networks. The marketplace will allow networks to post their best offers in one place that is easily accessible for the publisher. Servicing the publisher is what this game is about and trust me, this will make them happy. One thing I really love about Evo Marketplace is before you even sign up on the front page of the website is a list of top offers.

When you highlight over the offer, it shows what geo and traffic types are accepted.  Evo Marketplace is truly revolutionary and no one, absolutely no one has done created this yet.  It creates an atmosphere where networks can work together and create more business and money for each other. I love the fact that they promote networks working together; because in the end, everyone is spending less and making more. That's what the affiliate marketing business is all about.

The EvoLeads tracking platform is very impressive and efficient for its price. It is worth trying, especially with the two-month free deal.  You can take a peek yourself and see the different features with the instruction guide at Once you try this product, you will mostly like want to leave the tracking platform you are currently with behind. To my entrepreneurs, we all know how important being cost effective is. This product is the epitome of cost friendly effectiveness.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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