RevResponse: An Intriguing Alternative to AdSense

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Unlike so many of the networks available today, RevResponse focuses on monetizing sites by offering compelling FREE content as opposed to advertising. With this network you can make money from your site without inundating your audience with ads.

Boiled down, RevResponse is simply a CPL network. But, after closer inspection you will see it is much more valuable than many other CPL programs. RevResponse provides our partners with hundreds of free niche-industry magazines, whitepapers, software trials, etc. Affiliates can then give these free offers to their audience and get paid when users request them. Some of the payouts are as high as $20 per qualified lead.


Joining the RevResponse program is easy. After being approved you are given a co-branded site hosting all of the free offers to provide to your users. You can pick and choose from the available magazines and reports and either advertise them with one of the widgets available from their site.

RevResponse also updates a regular blog and run some cool contests. There are various forums on RevResponse too where affiliates ask questions of one another and of the administrators. The program is truly transparent and the staff coaches many affiliates to become profitable.

With being a unique network, this network even gives you ways to get traffic. They provide you with a free report which helps you make money, they call it the Make Money Guide. Topics include:

  1. Monetize Your Blog Posts
  2. Cash In On Your Site Content
  3. Drive Traffic To Your Co-branded Content Resource Center
  4. Promote With E-Newsletter Inclusions
  5. Optimize Your Opt-in Mailing List
  6. Monetize Your Site Communications
  7. Leverage Your Social Networking Sites
  8. Create Promotions Using RevResponse RSS Feeds
  9. Place An Ad Widget On Your Site
  10. Refer New RevResponse Partners

Download their Make Money Guide

RevResponse is a per lead network. For example, I put an affiliate link on my blog, someone signs up, I get paid. I do not get paid for sending them traffic, but only when an action takes place.

RevResponse system is all about monetizing your website or blog. By simply putting relevant offers on your site, you get ot earn per subscription. This means if you put contextual banners on your site or maybe Adsense, you are wasting valuable real estate. Site real estate which can be monetized properly by adding relevant content and getting paid at a higher rate on a per lead basis.

Now if you put adsense on your blog or site you are getting paid per click. So that means you are only getting paid .02 - .25 cents per click. But what if you can generate a lead that is $2-$30 per lead, definitely more worth than having adsense pay you on a per click basis

The reason why I say this is because, as an affiliate I personally target sites with adsense and advertise on their site via adsense. While Google pays an adsense publisher a couple cents, I as an affiliate pay less as well per click BUT make a bigger return when I generate a lead. Now why would you want that? I know personally, I like it.

So why would you want me to target your site, you get paid .15 cents while I make $25 dollars on a per action?  You are selling your site real estate at a very very cheap rate! RevResponse fixes this issue and provides you with relevant offers users want to click on and take action on. If they do take action on it, you get paid - much better than .15 cents!

To learn more visit RevResponse and download their Make Money Guide.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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