Want to Get Started in Push Advertising? Review of AdOperator Push Traffic for the Beginner

By Ian Fernando

As I stated in my AffLift post that Native and Push advertising will rise in 2020. As I continue to test Push traffic sources to see what is good and what is ok. Recently I tested AdOperator and the first $100 deposit I used and it gave some positive potential.

AdOperator is very young I think in the Push advertising space. There are somethings that are needed to do to get their network going strong. I even showed you how to properly blacklist on AdOperator, which is very important.

One thing again with AdOperator is you need to test several creatives. Like any push network, you need to test at least 3 creatives or more. The only thing is that you need to create a campaign per creative.

One adjustment you really need to do is set the IP restriction to 1 per creative. This is very important because each campaign is technically unique and the default is set to 3.

For example, if you have 3 creatives to test, that means you have 3 campaigns with a default of 3 clicks per IP. In essence, you can be generating 9 clicks per IP which aren't ideal.

Here is a screenshot of my list of campaigns I have been testing and waiting for one to be approved. The best part is their approval process is very fast and I can get a campaign to run within 2 hours. I also have a dedicated rep that I can contact on skype if any issues rise.

As you can see above there is a lot of campaigns made just to test creatives. It can be a pain at times, I hope they will upgrade the backend to allow multiple creatives a campaign.

Other than the minor issue, traffic can also be limited in certain countries. I ran out of impressions or clicks in one country because I was blacklisting a whole lot. Which they are constantly growing their push database.

Yes, they have their own push database. So every click is not actually brokered but from their own lists of websites that they partnered with or own. I think this is important because you can ask for specific data points when it comes to pushing advertising. For example the fresh rate of the data.

So how does it Perform?

The traffic is ok, I have gotten some conversions but also it takes a really big list of blacklisting. One thing that you should do is postback the conversions back to AdOperator, this way they can help you target which category IDs to target specifically.

I sometimes hate pushing back my conversions to the traffic network but I needed to get feedback from AdOperator so I decided to send them my conversions. They then gave me the feedback I needed to help speed up my optimization.

You can blacklist the category IDs yourself as well, but I found it easier for AdOperator to just let me know which ones to target. You have to utilize a tracking platform like Binom which will fire back the conversions to the traffic source, AdOperator.

Week of Dec 21st, 2019

The CPC is fairly decent, some Asian countries are at just a penny. While some other ones are fairly expensive. I also notice that if you bid the lowest, it is the really old data. With Push you do not want the old data, those users are just tired of seeing alerts.

So to get the fresh data you have to bid a bit higher. I try to start double then slowly increase from there. AdOperator has a rate card per country they serve to see what the avg CPC is. The rate card includes how much subscribers and the clicks they get on avg from that country.

So they are open to show you what their traffic is via the rate card. I was targeting mostly Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries and it worked enough. You have to make sure to blacklist or just get a solid whitelist from AdOperator.

If you want to start to learn with a small budget, AdOperator might be just for you as you can start running traffic with just $50! This will help you understand the traffic and how to run push traffic. If you need help they are very open to helping you get started.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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