284%+ ROI on Running Auto Insurance Lead Gen, Initial Run on Display Placement

By Ian Fernando

Getting into lead gen isn't difficult. Most affiliates nowadays are running their own offers that are strictly lead gen focus. I have been doing lead gen for many years. I mean my first profitable campaign was a long-form turbo tax lead gen.

In the world of affiliate marketing, you can make money in many ways, one of the more popular ways is doing lead gen. In this post, I will talk about a popular niche that I have been doing.

So the vertical niche is auto insurance. Quick intro I have done multiple variants of auto lead gen from car quotes, to lender quotes, to refinance. This specific offer I am running is Smart Financial with A4D Network, an insurance quote lead gen offer.

A4D network is a leader in online customer acquisition for more than 14 years, with a network of trusted partnerships as well as a large portfolio of owned & operated properties that include physical eCommerce products, lead generation for insurance, legal help, home services and so much more.

A4D excels in revenue-generating partnership opportunities for publishers, agencies, networks, and advertisers. This network has been in the industry pretty much as long as I have.

Here are my results after just a couple of days of testing. I have given this campaign a $1000 test budget and it's pretty much profitable right away. I did start high bidding at $1.30 at a traffic source I am using, then over 2 days I decreased it to a max of .80 cents.

You can see the results here.

Tracking Platform Used RedTrack, Read Review Here

Now that you are intrigued let me introduce you to the offer that is running currently. This offer is Smart Financial with A4D. This is a simple offer that compares rates, a survey-style lead gen offer. Usually, the phone number on an offer doesn't make a big difference when pushing an offer. No one wants to talk on the phone nowadays...

This is an easy offer, simple lead gen form signup. The user goes through a mini-survey to make sure they pre-qualify. Information is sent and then it converts, easy. Nothing complicated about the offer at all.

My affiliate manager, Mitch, told me about the offer and said it's top 10 on the network. Sure if other affiliates are running, I'm pretty sure I can do better. He provided me my affiliate link and now just set it up in RedTrack and I am good to go.

A4D currently does use HasOffers (now TUNE) as their tracking platform. It is the original tracking platform for networks and does what it needs to do. If you want better reporting, I definitely suggest you use a tracking platform like RedTrack.

Angle Searching and Creativity

I of course use a spy tool. Now since I am advertising on a display placement, meaning dedicated bidding for a website or publisher's properties, I just wanted to see what is currently out there. I use Anstrex, a native spy tool to see the angles and creative styles others are using.

Read my Review Here, Watch it in Action Here

As you can see the creatives are pretty straightforward, the wad of cash is pretty appealing! I was thinking about how to utilize these examples in my ad. Then again the traffic source, I am using says they just need the offer link. I am always skeptical of direct linking, I tend to never do direct linking. Pre-qualifying traffic is far important than sending random clicks over. BUT...

As you can see RedTrack is showing an average of 35% ROI. Even 2 sets of days are over 100%! I did slow down traffic because I reduced my bid cost. That definitely played a role in it I believe.

Using RedTrack as my main tracking platform gives me the visibility to see how my campaign is performing. The best part is you can see below that most of the conversions are coming from mobile devices and more specifically from Android users.

Now, this traffic source I am using is fairly new to me and I am going to check with A4D on quality to make sure it has been solid. Why because I would hate not to get paid, right. So I would like to extend myself as a good business partner to A4D. So far the quality has been good and I am satisfied with my own results on this traffic source.

Now if you want to run this offer, check out A4D and hit up Mitch. They have several other offers in the auto space as well. More important they have a white label offer as well.

Make sure to hit up Mitch and check out A4D as well for new and unique offers. Affiliate marketing is evolving and A4D is evolving with the industry.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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