Starting a Network? Make Sure it HasOffers

By Ian Fernando

With so many CPA networks arising the most important thing to us affiliates is the tracking. I personally think it is tracking anyways. Has Offers has come into the industry to help with the issues with affiliate tracking and easily helps you and quickly establish your own affiliate network.

Everyday it seems so many users are pushing up their own networks. They have became experts in their field and have decided to expand by opening their own affiliate networks. I know a lot of small networks in which the owners were once affiliate marketers. This gives them a huge backbone in what they are doing since they were once affiliates.

HasOffers is the first white label affiliate network software that gives you total control, with powerful technology, complete customization, and no start up costs or monthly fees.

They have such a simple interface that you can not get lost. I like it when stats are in front of you and Has Offers gives you just that. You get an overview of how you are currently doing. The fact that you are seeing your stats up front once you login gives you an overview of what your next steps should be. It gives you an idea of what to do to correct or improve on.

Their interface is very easy to use and it is very straight to the point. As a publisher navigation is important, you want to get to where you want to within the site with just a click or 2. You do not want to search and get lost in an interface!

But if you want to start an affiliate network, HasOffers allows you to start one and gives you the chance to use their system for free. It gives you the ability to manage your own network and start earning like the big guys.

When you start a network, you have to do a lot of research. You even have to put up a lot of money just to get started, which doesn't even include an interface for your publishers.


HasOffers makes life a bit easier for you to start a network with offers of your choosing. When adding an offer it gets down to the nitty gritty. You get to give your offer a name, associate t with a group and category, payout type, cap limitations, etc. There is a lot but it is good to make sure you can manage it easily.

While you can control the offer in its full functionality, again the interface is straight to the point without any fancy design to steer you away from what you have to do. Quickly add pixels, access your suppression list, grant access to private offers, manage, etc. Each one comes with a very 'easy to jump in' interface.

Network Reporting

Reporting is important in whatever business you are in. You need to see stats because it tells you if you are doing something wrong or right. The interface again is easy to use and navigate. The drop down menus are the top gives you straight access to daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly reporting.

It will even show you referral reports and how much the referrer is generating from their referrals.

There is commissions and conversion reports, giving you a vast birds eye view of how yur network is doing. Reporting is very accurate and very straight to the point. In any business a detailed reporting of your business is crucial. HasOffers definitely covers it.

Affiliate Signup and Status

In this affiliate marketing industry, affiliates are the driving force for the network. Without affiliates a network just doesn't exists. So taking care and establishing a relationship with them is very important. As well as taking care of them through the network.

With the affiliate section of HasOffers, you get to manage, add, create, disable, even adjust leads for a publisher.

It is a pretty basic section in the network - see who signs up, why they are signing up and approve them. HasOffers has this pretty much covered.


A network has to pay affiliates. I think this is straight to the point. HasOffers shows your networks ability to show how much an affiliate has earned, manage your invoice, manage payments, etc.

One thing I like is the quick pay. This allows your network to pay an affiliate instantly. The network is already setup for Net 7 or Net30 - but if you need to pay an affiliate because of substantial volume, you can pay your affiliate on the spot. This way you reward your affiliate. This also comes in handy to establish a relationship with your affiliate.


With so many networks out there trying to find the right solution for their start up network, HasOffers has the simplicity to get you started right away and easily in the CPA/Affiliate Industry. But having your own network is easy. It is a lot of hard work, you just need the right tools to get yur feet wet and have a solution in which you can be successful.

HasOffers can give you the leverage over everyone else.

By the way check out their affiliate glossoray.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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