Mega Push Affiliate Traffic: the Setup and 24 Hour Results

By Ian Fernando

The other day I posted that I would test a new traffic source and see if it is legit. Couple days ago, I have started and I want to post my first set of results.

I will basically say how to find offers, how I set it up and then post some results after 24 hours of the campaign. (traffic came in slow, so I extended a couple more days)

First, to be quick in being profitable, I wanted to take a look at what is already out there. I logged into AdPlexity to search. If you do not know what AdPlexity is, I wrote about their spy tool here. I am also working with TopOffers and will check what is out there.

How I am filtering ads on AdPlexity...

I did some extensive researching as well as filtering just for TopOffers. I then decided to go ahead and check all of Italy as well. So there are many variations that I have done in Adplexity to make sure I find out what is working.

With me concentrating with TopOffers, I went and picked an offer that is in Italy and decided to push to the offer directly. Let take a look at the offers they have ...

These are the offers they have, but they also have some direct offers that are not visible. So I got in touch with my affiliate manager, Marina and she helped me with what to push.

Marina, recommended me something in Italy that isn't for all other affiliates. We talked about the offer, I checked it out, did some research on it, etc.

I did see it on Adplexity as a direct link, so I decided to take it on and push it to Italy.

I always want to use a lander, since this is a small test and I am only testing desktop I think this will be fine as a direct link and if it does real well, will add a landing page for sure.

The SetUp in MegaPush

It is a very basic campaign setup. Campaign name, put your tracking link, ad title, ad content, images - submit. The basics of just creating a campaign.

I simply took an image from what Adplexity showed me and decided to use what was already popular. Note: They do not have push ads but creatives in any other traffic sources that are popular may work in other sources as well.

The best part approval for campaigns are fairly quick, within 5 minutes my campaign is approved. I made sure to let my account manager know the offer and see if it will be a good fit for the type of traffic they have.

... After 24 Hours

There wasn't any conversions and traffic was coming in slow. I asked my traffic manager and says, usually it does start off slow. Also desktop isn't as active as mobile. This is the reason why I did't publish this post last week because it isn't exciting to read.

So I let the traffic run for a couple more days and things started to pick up. Still, the volume is awkward, it goes and dies. Then again, it also seems I'm not being pushed to a lot of the network as I only see 2 sets of feeds that I am being pushed on.

... After a couple more days (3), 669 clicks has been pushed through.

Not much spend though. Still down on my spend but conversions to TopOffers are coming in. Which is good, I also utilize TopOffers SmartLinks to help with the traffic and see what is working as they do show what other offers is converting.

Over the next couple days will watch this steadily and see what my managers say to do next. This does not use a landing page either and I am targeting only desktop and just one country.

I want to keep this micro as possible as this is my first time utilize MegaPush traffic. I will update you with more updates as they come in.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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